Operation: FreeMom – Avoiding Pinterest (aka. Mom Peer Pressure)

4 years ago


Ok, that’s a long title. I agree, but it makes my point. Let’s call it what it really is, please. {If you haven’t read my into post to Operation:FreeMom, you can find it here}

But, let’s talk about Pinterest. First of all, I love Pinterest! I have 75 boards. Over 1,000 pins. And I will probably pin this post after I finish writing it! Ok, maybe not. But I have pinned a lot of my posts.

So why am I calling out Pinterest? Because, if you’re like me, you go on Pinterest for “just a few minutes” and an hour or so later, you find your self stuck in the vortex of crafts, food, and beautiful photos that you want to make, eat, and copy. You create a pinboard for your hubby. You make a list for yourself. You might even make a board for someone else because you think they might do the things you wish you had done when you had little ones. You have a board dedicated to your child’s birthday party and are convinced that if you don’t do each one, the party will be a disaster! You go to a wedding and have said,  ”Oooh! I saw that on Pinterest!” You take pictures just so you can pin them.

You set a goal for yourself of completing 4 meals, 17 crafts, and 39 projects within a weeks time. And do you complete any of the pins on your boards? Maybe one or two. All of them? Of course not. But the pinboard looks pretty. And you feel this odd pressure to make these things. My mind starts thinking, “If some mom can make that amazing lemonade stand, then I should too!” Or, “If I bring those apple shaped cookies to my kid’s class party, I will look like the best mom!” Or even, “If I make those hand-stenciled personalized flash cards, my child will be a genius!”

So, what starts as Peer Pressure turns into Self-imposed Pressure.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who said, “I feel so bad that I haven’t started planning my child’s first birthday party and it’s only a month away.” This is the problem. We “feel so bad.” If your child doesn’t have a full blown party with tons of guests, a cake shaped like the cast of Yo Gabba Gabba, a homemade unicorn pinata, hand-crocheted goodie bags, and a signature cocktail for the moms, we feel like we failed.

We need to stop putting these expectations on ourselves! We are made to love our kids. Teach them, grow them, and most of all, love them. They won’t remember the stuff. They’ll remember you and the time you spent with them.

Here’s a goal of mine for this year: I’m going to use a real pinboard. A frame filled with corkboard that I hang on my wall somewhere obvious. And what will I pin on that corkboard with real tacks? I don’t know. But if I think of something to pin on it, then I will. But, no pressure. It’ll be more of a collection of what we actually did with our days than an idealized world.

Where do you feel peer-pressure or self-imposed pressure? Is it from Pinterest? Or elsewhere?

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