OMG Johnny Mac Pippin Is One Year Old: Smash Cake Time!

4 years ago

One year ago today I had the honor of watching my first grandchild, Johnny Mac Pippin, arrive. It was the most awesome day -- ever. I highly recommend this whole grandparent gig. It's fabulous.

Every day or so I get new photos or videos of Johnny Mac Pippin looking adorable. (Thank goodness for unlimited text and data!) Every day or so I get to listen to my daughter talk about motherhood and marvel over the amazingness of her son.

Those photos and those conversations never fail to remind me of my own years as a new mom. They also never fail to remind me just how different the world of motherhood and childhood really are. Take "baby's first birthday cake," for instance.

When Jenn, JMP's mom, was one, she had a joint family party with my little sister (her birthday is a week after Jenn's) -- they shared one store-bought birthday cake. Jennifer was given first dibs on the cake and after she played a little bit, we took it away and the rest of the family had a slice.

We laughed a lot. Jenn had her first taste of birthday cake. We took a couple of photos and that was that.

Johnny Mac Pippin, (and a whole lot of other kids from his generation -- have you looked at the smash cake photos on Pinterest?), had his own fancy shmancy smash cake to play with -- while a professional photographer took photos. A lot of really great photos. (Thank you, Nicole!)

Photography by Haole Girl Photography

I love seeing how the world has changed by watching my grandson reach new milestones and listening to my daughter as she learns to navigate them.

Happy birthday, Johnny Mac Pippin. I can't wait to see what the world looks like from your eyes, in all the years ahead.

Did your children (or grandchildren) have smash cakes of their own?


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