OMG I Can't Wait to Be a GrandMother: How Can We Bring On Labor?

5 years ago

I made it to Hawaii and Johnny Mac Pippin's mom looks like she is very ready to bring him into the world -- but Johnny Mac Pippin is not showing any sign of moving. Well he's showing a lot of signs of moving, elbows and knees and feet banging around inside there -- but he's looking altogether too comfortable and I'm ready for him to come out and kick ME a little bit. So how the heck do we convince him that it's time? Are there any tricks for bringing on labor that really work?

I'm a little clueless in this area because while all three of my kids were late (one later than the others, I'm looking at you, Michelle Belle), I was never super anxious to get the show on the road and speed things up. Except when Michelle Belle was two weeks late and I was grouchy. Very grouchy. So grouchy that I did entertain ideas but they seemed pretty silly. Sex didn't do it. Neither did driving in a trike down pothole-laden dirt roads. Eggplant didn't help either. She came when she was ready.

I didn't try anything at all to bring on labor with my son, though people suggested I should. When I was pregnant with Johnny Mac Pippin's mom, I didn't TRY to bring on labor, but I spent the day at a miniature golf course and played about 10 rounds (seriously) -- bending over to retrieve my ball from the cup every single time. The guys working in the booth tried to get me to use one of those suction cup thingies on the end of the putter to pick up the ball and Jenn's dad offered to retrieve the ball for me, but I was no wimp and saw no reason not to do it myself. I don't know if all of that standing on my feet and bending over to pick up the ball a zillion times is what did it but my water broke around midnight that evening and I like to think it was the Putt-Putt that helped her along.

So here I am in Hawaii with my son-in-law and my very pregnant daughter and we're open to ideas. I have very little time to spend waiting for JMP's arrival and his dad has to be back on the boat at the end of this month -- he wants as much time with Johnny Mac Pippin as he can get. I'm doing my darnedest to speed things up!

Royal Birthing Rocks

We went to visit the Kukaniloko Royal Birth Stones today. We wandered around this beautiful, sacred place and rubbed our hands over the stones and talked to Johnny Mac Pippin quietly about how ready we were for him to make his appearance. I might have even promised him a royal title if he hurries it up, (sorry Prince J -- you're being cast aside), and we left a onesie as an offering to the gods and goddesses.

Jenn's doctor appointment later, ho hum. Everything looks fine but still no sign that labor is imminent.

Our next attempt to entice Johnny Mac Pippin out of the womb will be a hike up Diamond Head, a visit to the Swap Meet and a wander around Chinatown. Do you have any tips to help bring on labor? Did anything work for you?


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