OH NO, This Can't Be Happening...

4 years ago

As I get ready to go to my mom's house the next day, I feel fine. The situation from last night doesn't even enter my thoughts, as I quickly pull my hair back and throw on some clothes. It's just my mom and my sister's family; I don't need to look good for them. They've seen me at my worst. It's about 4 p.m. when I get there, and my twelve-year-old nephew greets me with a hug and whispers, "Did your water break?" I knew it was so unlike him to offer a hug, because usually it's me begging for one. I guess it's that age...giving your aunt a hug is soooo uncool.

I quietly reply, "No."

"Oh, mama thought it probably did."

"No, not yet."

About an hour later, I go to the bathroom and realize I'm a tiny bit damp. I think Hmmmm....but nothing more...until an hour later when I feel it on my pantyliner. I'm still in the bathroom when I call for my sister. She comes in, and I say, "I know this is gross, but look." I show her the liquid on my liner. Then I say, "This is really gross, but smell it." I hate it when people tell me something stinks but tell me to smell it. I felt like I was asking the same thing, but this didn't smell. Just the thought of someone asking me to smell theirs, even though it's odorless still would gross me out.

My sister says, "Things like that don't gross me out."

Really? Considering feet and hair do?! I guess that's a great quality to have in being a nurse.

She lowers her face and says, "I still think it's your water. You need to call the doctor. If it is your water, your baby can get infections. It's really dangerous."

When people say things like this I always think, Ok, but it's not going to happen to me. Yes, I realize that it DOES happen to people, and no one wants to think it happens to them. I know it doesn't make sense, yet in my mind it did...up until now.

I call the doctor's office and leave a message. Since it's Sunday, the on-call nurse will have to call me back.

Ten minutes later, my phone rings. I go into my mom's bathroom and am trying to keep it quiet. I don't want my mom to freak out about the leakage, especially because I am not convinced it is really anything. After I explain what's been happening in the last two days, the nurse says the same thing to me the nurse yesterday said, "You need to come in."

I reply, "My insurance doesn't cover false labor."

"This isn't false labor. I think you might be leaking amniotic fluid. In order for us to know you need to come in. We can't diagnose you over the phone."


I hang up and relay what the nurse said to my sister. I ask my sister, "What should we do? Mom just made dinner."

"We will eat, and then we can leave."

"Okay, I have a cramp."

I've been cramping the past two weeks when I've really had to go to the bathroom, if you know what I mean?! (Number 2). I don't know if you ever feel that way. When you really have to go but haven't made your way to the bathroom yet. During my pregnancy it hasn't happened except for these past two weeks. I'm not constipated. It's as though it just needs to come out.

After dinner, my sister and her family leave, while I wait about 15 minutes before departing. On the ten minute drive to my sister's house, I think Should I go by my place to get my suitcase, just in case? No, I don't want to drive all the way home (30 minutes) just to drive all the way back here and then drive another 30 minutes to the hospital. I don't even think it's anything anyways. I'll just go straight there (to my sister's).

I give my sister's husband my house key, just in case. That way if I should need something, he doesn't have to come to the hospital to get my key then to my house then back to the hospital. My sister and I drive to the hospital not knowing what to expect. I say, "I think you are just being extreme."

She sarcastically replies, "Because I'm the one who is so extreme."

I laughed, because she is right. She is definitely not like that!

As my sister pulls up to the OB Triage to let me out so she can park.  I say, "I really have to go to the bathroom, I got another cramp."

She says, "They may not let you, but there is one on the left before you get to triage."

She used to work at this hospital, so she tells me exactly where it is.

I walk inside and straight to the bathroom. I notice that there is now blood on the pad that I had put on before leaving my mom's house. Well, that certainly can't be a good sign. What the heck is going on?

My sister is inside triage before I am. I see her and say, "Now I'm bleeding a little bit."

She replies, "Oh great."

I check in and before I can sit down, they call me back to the room. They have me undress and lay in bed. My sister sits beside me in a chair, while the nurse asks me a million questions, starting with the basics, "What medicines are you taking?"

"One-a-day vitamins, lysine, cranberry pills, Echinacea, and prenatals."

"Do you or any of your family members have any of the following..."

As she lists health problems, I answer with my relatives that have had them.

The questions continue, and I reply to one with, "I sometimes take Tums."

The nurse says, "Oh we have to go back and put that under medicines."

"Oops, I forgot about that one."

Then she asks as though I hear it in a foreign language, "alhjobwnekjn?"

"I'm sorry."

She repeats herself, "alhjobwnekjn?"

"I'm sorry I don't know what you're asking," then I look at my sister who replies, "Yes, she has running water and electricity in her house."

What? What kind of question is that? I've never heard of anyone asking that. No wonder why I didn’t understand what she was asking.

She asks another question about constipation. I reply, "No, because I take fiber therapy medicine for it."

She says, "Oh we need to go back and add that to medicines."

"Really? That's medicine? That's just powder form."

"Yes it is."

I look at my sister, and she says, "That's why they ask, 'What are ALL the medicines you take.'"

"Funny...I forgot about those."

After another thousand questions, we are finished. "The doctor will be in to take a few tests."


The pregnant doctor walks in and says, "I will take three tests to see if we can tell what's going on."


I pause before I ask, "So when are you due?"

"In about two months."

"Boy or girl?"

She gets in position as she replies, "It's twins. One of each."

"That's great. Do they run in your family?

"Yes on both sides."


The conversation stops as she feels around and does her tests. She stands up and says, "I think I still feel your sac intact."


"I'll be back in with the results in a little while."

The doctor leaves the room, and I ask my sister, "What does that mean?"

She replies, "That your water didn't break."

"Oh, okay." I'm not even sure what the tests are they are doing or what they will tell me. I guess I should have asked. Everything is moving so fast, I just feel like I'm in a bit of a whirlwind. How are you supposed to keep a level head? That's probably why it's a great thing my sister is here.

The doctor comes in quicker than I expect and says, "We did the tests. One test we couldn't even read, because it was covered in blood. Every time you are contracting, you are bleeding. You are dilated to a 4-5, so we are going to admit you."

I glance to my left where my sister sits with a smug look on her face...and I Just nod thinking, Whatever!

The doctor leaves the room, and I look at my sister again. Did I just hear her right? What the heck?! I'm at a 4-5, I'm contracting and bleeding when I contract (how come I don't feel any contractions?), and I'm being admitted? Is this for real?

Last week at my doctor appointment, he said I was about a 1 1/2. Then again, a woman can be there for a month. My doctor predicted on Wednesday (and today is Sunday) that my son would be early. "Well," he said, "At least not late. You hear of women having really late babies. That won't be you. But it's not like you will have him in the next day or two." I guess he didn't think to add "in the next four or five days."

I'm not ready for this. I still have things to do. He's not supposed to come for two more weeks. Well, at least another week. I was willing him to come the first week in November...after Halloween. No, I can't be contracting. I don't feel a thing. What the heck? I don't have a bag with me. I don't have anything with me. Ohhhhhh-myyyyy-gooooossssshhhhh (as though it's one word drawn out).

OH NO!!!! This CAN'T be happening! This isn't how I pictured it going. I look like HEEEELLLLLLLLLLL. I can't have a baby looking like this! My hair is pulled back. I have no make-up on, AND my toes aren't polished. They are always polished except for now obviously (as I roll my eyes in disbelief). What the heck?! OH...MY...GOSH--I didn't shave my legs! This is SOOOO NOT happening!

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