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3 years ago

I am a complete office supply nerd. Back to school displays? LOVE THEM. I get all geeked about pens and notebooks and cute paperclips. Maybe it’s because I am paper-and-pencil kind of girl – I still handwrite notes and outline blog posts on paper. Or maybe it is because I am a complete Type A individual who loves things to be organized, categorized, and color-coded. Whatever the reason, I am a true office supply geek. 

Things I'm Loving Office Supply

So for this next installment of Things I’m Loving, I thought I would turn the spotlight on my beloved office supplies. Here’s my round-up of office supplies I’m loving: 

1. Uni-ball Vision Elite Pen. While I do adore the way these pens write – not to thick of a line and little inky – I also have a bit of a sentimental reason for loving them. These were my brother’s favorite pens. He was like me – notebooks full of thoughts, ideas, notes, musings. And he had a whole collection of these pens in various different colors. When he passed away, some close friends and my sister and I each took one of his pens. I still keep it in my purse. And now I use these, as well. 

2. Notebook from Tri-Coastal Designs. This just happens to be the notebook I’m using right now. I go through quite a few in a year and I always look for something that catches my eye with a great quote or an inspiring message or a beautiful picture. Whatever suits my fancy when I’m in the market for a new one! 

3. Notes App for iPhone. While I truly am a paper-and-pencil girl I had to include this app on my list. There are times when I just can’t get to a pen and paper and this app is perfect for recording a quick idea or note. And since I am slightly addicted to my phone, I always have it with me and handy. 

4. Avery NoteTabs. I love these little guys. You can write on the tab part, and the sticky part is repositionable and see-thru. I use these in my planner to divide the sections – weekly to-do, meal planning, blogging, etc. Then I can peel it up and move it each week, or as needed. 

5. Bic Mechanical Pencils. I like my pencils sharp, and good pencil sharpeners are hard to come by these days! Not to mention hard to have handy. So I favor a mechanical pencil (or a close second place is the “pop-a-point” pencils from childhood). These little guys are cheap and come with plenty in a pack. 

While not included in my picture, I could not live without my planner. 

What office supplies are you loving? Any other office supply geeks out there?

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