Nursing as a Profession For Women

5 months ago

Since nursing as a career came into being it has always attracted women more than men, and it is truly so because of the various financial and non-financial perks associated with it. Earlier, this path was only restricted to hospitals and we had that typical image of nurses clad in white and running through hospital corridors or assisting doctors in our mind. But now since times have changed the image of nurses have also changed, and today they have a plethora of opportunities.

This career helps women grow both professionally and emotionally. Financial independence is one the core goals of women in today’s era. They are looking at professions which give them stability and a peaceful retirement. Men aren’t behind in this occupation either. There are a high number of male nurses to be seen in hospitals nowadays, but the women still dominate this area.

Nursing degrees usually can be achieved within two to three years of formal training. Internship in the form of on board training in the hospital helps nurses prepare for worst case scenarios. Also, they became well versed and equipped with the working of clinics.


Nursing is a pragmatic profession for women is because of the multiple career paths they can provide with the same qualification. They can become nurses, nutritionists, old age advisors, entrepreneurs, home nurses and much more; nursing is just one of these many paths. The main focal point here is that they only need a degree, license and few years of experience to explore these diverse paths. Also, geography plays a vital role.

Nurses can live in both metropolitan cities and rural areas. They even have to travel for the check up camps or awareness programs which give them immense exposure. This is mainly useful for those who like traveling and exploring new opportunities.

Nursing is a field which is exhaustive in learning. Every day is a new beginning and a new challenge. Nurses have to work as individuals and in teams to take major decisions in crucial times. The main foundation of nurses is to serve people. Every day there is a new illness or a disease and every patient is different. Every patient in the hospital is different; some are easy to talk to while others are stubborn, some have minor issues while others have life-threatening diseases. There are days when some lives are saved and days when some are lost too. Dealing with all this can be emotionally burdening on a person, but women have always been strong on this front and hence this serves as one of the most suitable professions for them.

There is a hierarchy which nurses follow. One can start with the lower level which is training period or internship. Experience in this gives them a permanent job. They can then move into middle management or even at this point seek a higher degree in the same field to go in the niche field. Higher level nurses are required as researchers, teachers, nutritionists or even family health advisors. They also attend conferences and debates to keep themselves continuously updated on the advanced information and learning.

There are much higher paying jobs in the field of health and medicine, but one overlooks the perks of being a nurse. There are many single mothers or women on whom the family depends. They need to support their families financially, and a nurses’ salary is high enough to fulfill all those needs. Flexibility in work is the main concern. One can work according to the needs of a family with higher dependants can even work on weekends or night shifts which give much higher pay and bonuses as compared to the normal one. Also, a partnered nurse who doesn’t want to live a hectic life can work four to five days a week.

Nurses have an opportunity of making a meaningful contribution to the society. There are many organizations set up by women who offer free CNA practice test and other health advises to needy people and who don’t have money to pay for these services. They even go to rural areas and provide free medicines. All this requires selflessness and willingness to do their bit for the betterment of society. Hence, it is rightly said that nursing is a work of heart.


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