Is Not Vaccinating Your Kids Like Having Unprotected Sex?

4 years ago
I recently ran into a fellow blogger and friend at the gym. While we were discussing the child care in the facility, I informed her that the last time I left the midget there he got some weird hand, foot and mouth disease (just typing it out gives me the creeps).
The conversation moved to vaccinating, and she told me that her babysitter doesn't. Apparently, her two children had contracted Pertussis (Whooping Cough). 
My first thought? DUH!! 
Obviously, I wasn't shocked by the fact that the kids got sick, but rather that there are still people out there not vaccinating. I was shocked to hear that there are actually "a ton" of people out there that have just simply decided against it. 

It seems not vaccinating is, "trendy." 

My friend then posed a really great question. "Are we allowed to ask people if they vaccinate?" I marinated in this one for a minute before coming to the conclusion that "FUCK YES" should be the answer.

Now, I'm not going to do any research on statistics, dangers, and/or probabilities here. I'm not going to bore myself, or you, with numbers and figures to be challenged and recalculated. What I am going to do is compare not vaccinating your children to having unprotected sex. 

You're welcome.

It is important to note that I am directing any and all snarkiness towards people that don't vaccinate because one in 50,000 vaccinated may suffer possible side effects. There are also those that fail to protect our children due to refusal to pay money to those silly drug companies because of some conspiracy theory. Do I think the drug companies are way whacked with all their pills for fill in the blank? Yup, which is why I will not vaccinate my boys for genital warts. I understand that they cause cervical cancer, and that this vaccine might someday keep them from spreading it to their girlfriends. You know what else will protect them? 

Safe, protected sex.

Decades ago, before people knew any better, having unprotected sex with strangers was "trendy." Believe it or not, even in 2014 there are still people that continue to this trend. I know, crazy right? Even though we know all that we know about how many people out of five have Herpes, HIV, and other fun diseases that can be treated with antibiotics, there are still those that think it's cool to share bodily fluids and trust their partners. Obviously, I'm not talking about people in monogamous relationships, like old school. I'm talking about today, where sex seems to be nothing more than an extra curricular activity to some.
  "OMG, Please let her be vaccinated"

What heterosexual woman hasn't heard a guy say that he didn't want to wear a condom because he didn't like the feeling?  Imagine for a moment that we didn't have the right to say "Tough shit, Dude. I'm not taking the risk!" Imagine if that right was taken away, and we lost the power to choose precaution because someone else was uncomfortable? That's how I feel about letting my kids play at the park now.  Maybe your kid is protected, but maybe he's not. How do I know if I don't ask? 


Do I have the right to ask someone I'm about to be intimate with if they have been tested? Yes. Why is that a good idea? Because the answer will make me aware of any added bonus dangers that might be involved with touching his or her body. What I do with the answer to that question might keep me safe.

Do I have the right to ask someone I'm about to be intimate with if they have or have ever had an STD? Certainly. Why is this smart? Because it can protect me from being dead. 

So, why wouldn't it be okay for me to ask you if you vaccinate your children; especially since the answer to that question might help keep my children safe? If knowing which kids at the playground/pool/gym could potentially harm sons will keep them safe, I'm asking.

Sorry, not sorry.

P.S. Don't even think about talking to me about my kids' right to eat a peanut butter sandwich in public if yours isn't vaccinated...unless you also don't believe in EpiPens. An allergic reaction and Polio are both life threatening and preventable, if we are considerate of each other's children.
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