No archery in the pizza place-a crazy birthday story

3 years ago

My family and I celebrated my son's 3rd birthday at a pizza buffet yesterday. Tuesday is kid's night at this restraunt.  Since it was kid's night, they had cotton candy, snow cones, and a clown making balloon animals. 

The clown's rule was that all children needed to eat their dinners first.  After that, they needed to quietly raise their hand and the clown would come over and make them a balloon animal.  I thought this was a great system.  My kids ate really well and then quietly raised their hands. 

When the clown came to our table, he asked my daughter want kind of balloon she wanted.  She immediatly said "bow and arrow".  I was not expecting that. I immediatly said "no pick something else" My mom and dad were sitting with us and they said "let her get the bow and arrow" I knew it was a bad idea, but I didn't want to cause a scene.  So, I let her get the bow and arrow.  It consisted of a long balloon which was the arrow, and a twisty like balloon that looked like a bow.  The clown told my daughter as he was making the balloon that she needed to be like Merida in "Brave" and not to shoot the bow and arrow until she got home.  It only took 5 minutes until disaster arrived. 

My daughter managed to get her bow and arrow to work and her balloon arrow landed at the next table in some lady's food.  Talk about major embarrassment.  I said that I was sorry and made my daughter say sorry as well.  I guess what I learned from the whole experience is trust your gut instict because most of the time you are right. 

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