The Nightmares of Beyond the Womb...

8 years ago

After moving all week, and a lot of other stressors I was having such severe contractions I called Jason at work Saturday, my friend Jenn came and got Bri and then we went to SNGH. I was in labor which got closer and closer and then started to bleed. I started to dilate and then they said they would be doing the c section at 36 weeks, but there was no guarantee her lungs would be developed. We were scared but I was in so much pain, they wouldn’t give me anything – no pain meds or even an IV and we were there in labor from 3pm-she was born 10:11pm Saturday Sept 20th.         Jenn kept Bri for us for 2 days even though she herself is due any day now. We experienced things a lot different then my first daughter. The first thing they said when pulling her out was wow-so of course I freaked but she was just bigger than most 36 week babies. She weighed 7lbs.7oz. Her agar was even better than my first daughter an 8 and then 9. I basically was having a hard time with the anesthesia this time and had a lot of anxiety and couldn’t breathe. There was no room in recovery so they wheeled us back to the triage room where we had been all night, I continued to vomit for at least 10 minutes which opened up my incisions and they were bleeding, and then off to postpartum. We got to see her lot more than when we had Bri- it took them hours for me even to see her. The nurses I had varied from awful to the worst Ive ever met. Less than 8 hrs after surgery I had a nurse pulling me out of bed to walk, even though the dr had said I needed to be careful because my incision was bleeding from vomiting. They wouldnt change my pads, I had to go into the bathroom with the catheter in and change myself, crying the whole time in pain.         I got a spinal this time instead of an epidural and since I am always the 1% in everything I should have known better, but I developed the Spinal headache which I had never even heard of, but it’s debilitating. In 99% of people are fine but then there’s 1% of people that  the hole where they go into doesn’t close and fluid leaks out, so every time you sit up or move or do anything you want to die. Really- not even being dramatic.   The room spins 2-3 days after for at least 2 days and then you feel like vomiting. I’m still recovering from it, they wanted to give me the spinal block, which they take blood from your arm and put it into your spine through a catheter and epidural, but that seemed counterproductive to me when putting a hole in my spine is the reason I have this. Plus I spoke with 3 different anesthesia drs and they all said it might not even help but to drink lots of water, caffeine and lay flat, and then there maybe complications from the epidural if I did get that.  So I’ve fought through it and the awful nurses that I had –whole long story trying to drag me out of bed when the dr said to lay down!!! Then I had one nurse that  wouldn’t give me my pain medicine and I had to page the dr to get them to give my meds ….we came home yesterday –wed- today is the first day I have somewhat been without a pounding headache. I apologize to those I haven’t returned calls, emails, or texts…In the hospital Riley lost 10% of her body weight and I am exclusively breastfeeding so then they made me supplement with formula. She also has mild jaundice not as bad as Bri, but we had to take her to see the pediatrician today or they wouldn’t release her yesterday and we would have to come back there. This experience has defiantly concreted my decision for no more kids- at least from my body!! We took Riley to the pediatrician and she said she looked good, she is still down weight- she weighs 6lbs 13oz, but hopefully next week she will be ok. My milk is in over production I just have to get her to eat! Ive had to store most of it because she doesn’t eat that much. I forgot how many times they poop when you breastfeed! At the office she went 3 times in a row right after Jason changed her. So that’s what’s going on right now, left out some details but there’s the brief overview for everyone. Brianna is adjusting I guess the best she can, but it is defiantly a challenge.  Love you and keep us all in your prayers…

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