Newborn in a Box

5 years ago

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A baby girl was found in a cardboard box on a north Philly sidewalk. I am sick to my stomach as I write this because I can picture a newborn baby stuck in a box and left to die, while the irresponsible mother walks away. Here are the details behind the news and how I feel about it...

Yahoo news reported that on December 21, Wednesday morning, a baby girl was found stuffed inside a cardboard box wrapped up in a bathrobe with the umbilical cord still attached. She was deemed to be in good condition after she was rushed to a nearby hospital in Philadelphia.

 The baby girl was found by two men during a block clean-up.

 Under the legal system in Pennsylvania, people can drop their newborns off at a hospital or any place that is designated safe, without fear of being proscecuted for it. I feel a certain way about this. On one side, I am thankful for this because fewer babies will be found in dumpters or killed simply because the mother decided she didn't want the responsibility.

 On the other hand, I am totally disgusted by this law. How can you give permission for women to just make a decision like that to get pregnant and then drop off their child like they are dropping off unwanted clothes to the Good Will? This makes my stomach turn.

 Whatever happened to mother's wanting to be mothers? Why in the world would you put yourself in a position to get pregnant, knowing you can't handle the responsiblity only then to later decide that you will rid yourself of the unwanted pressure.

 That's horrible.

 I, myself, am guilty of becoming a teenage mother but never in my mind did I think of making my child suffer for it. I would have to be one selfish person to drop my son off in a box, not even taking the time to cut the umbilical cord off. That brings tears to my eyes. My first thought was to make sure I did the best job possible in bringing him into this world and then rearing him into a growing child. It was hard, but I did it. Why can't more mother's want this for a child that is growing inside of them?

 The police are currently trying to locate the mother of this newborn, so I am hoping that they locate her quickly. I am just thankful that the baby girl is ok. God did not bless us to bear fruit, only to destroy it once it is formed in the womb. We as parents must do better in rearing our children that we decided to conceive and bring into this world. There are no excuses to me. If you have to go the adoption route, fine. But don't be selfish and inconsiderate by dropping kids off like trash.

 Times are hard, true. However, everyone has to struggle at some point. If you can't handle the pressure, don't put the pressure on yourself by becoming a parent. Simple as that.


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