My Week (end) in Pictures

10 years ago
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I decided to haul my camerrrAH around with me just to see what I might find. This is what found me:


This is my cat....she doesn’t KNOW that she’s a cat, and I’m not tellin’ her. She assumes royal bloodline, and I roll with it. I would like to be her in my next life.


This is my cat watching Dora at the window. Dora thinks she’s rockin’ royal blood too...except....


this princess does windows.


While Freddy has the chosen the “this should’ve been trash, but us kids are gonna keep this box for dress-up and torture until you die, mama” box for a nice game of “Sniper in the Trees in Our Front Yard, Look Out Neighbors.”


Leondias gives me his super secret sign for “I love you baby you are the best  damn wife in the whole world, and MOTHER?!? These kids couldn’t have a better mother. Your mom’s shoulda named you Teresa.” I then gave him my super secret sign for thank you, but you can’t see it in this picture....for those of you worried that this salute was done in front of the Fredster, his head was buried in the blanket, so BACK OFF! :)


It took Dora only 25 seconds to perfect this librarian hooker make-up job after she ganked my purse without my knowing it. That would be mascara on her forehead.


After taking a “girl’s shower” with mommy, Dora decides to coat her face with shaving cream and shave her “gear” (cute baby word for beard). I supervised. No replies necessary from anti-girlshower crazies OR pervs, as I will not so kindly tell you to mind your own business and shove it up your ass....if I’m feeling generous. Thank you.


This is me, taking a picture of them, on a merry-go-round. I don’t DO merry-go-rounds, as I would promptly yak  up my Starbucks skinny vanilla latte extra hot all over my shoes. No round and round. EVAH!


This was my weekend. Please enjoy. (That’s me channelling my inner Top Chef, doncha know?)