My Kids Help Me Grow and Learn

5 years ago
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thankful for my children from the laine listLately I have been so stressed out. About a lot of things. My children seem to want to compound this stress.

Genevieve will not stop getting into stuff. Her new trick is putting things in the toilet. Washcloths, hand towels, cups.

Ben spends his days at school, apparently smiling always, complaining never. He hits my door running, complaining, nagging.

The two of them hug and love on each other, run around, scream, beat on each other, argue.

It’s exhausting.

I view this part of my life – their behavior – as bullshit. It’s hard for me to get through these perfectly normal situations with my children. I feel like I’m constantly at my peak tolerance level. I just simply cannot take anymore.

These feelings add to my stress, and it stresses my kids out.

They are the cutest little buggers. They are smart, sweet, and funny as hell. It’s so hard to remember when we are in the thick of it.

The last couple of days I have been so exhausted that my normal routine of wrap up work-prep snack-prep dinner-pick up the house after the boy gets home has been put on the back burner. After work wrap up and prepping a snack we have sat and watched movies. And played games. And snuggled. Last night we went out for dinner and colored, laughed, and actually had a relaxing time.

Are we at the point where we can go out to dinner WITH KIDS and actually enjoy our time out?!

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed with life and forget that at least sometimes, children can bring us joy. It’s hard to remember when you are knee deep in all the bullshit that kids bring, that sometimes you need to just surrender to it. See it for what it is. Kids exploring, learning, growing.

Doing this was actually relaxing for me. It was my own growing experience. I'm learning to let go and surrender to the moment. I love those little buggers. Bullshit and all.

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