My Day Away

5 years ago
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Have you ever taken a day away to yourself – just to be with you? In a past job, I was required to do this monthly. I didn’t always do it, but when I did, it was awesome! I think, in line with my “Operation: FreeMom” and goal to just be me, not who I think everyone wants me to be, I need some time by myself to remember who I really am. Not just a mom, not just a wife and homemaker. But me.

Now, this free time I speak of, it’s elusive. Sometimes I think I won’t see it before the baby is 18. But then a day comes along where I am able to sneak away for a few hours. Today, I was blessed with just that. Hubby happened to have a day off of work and we both thought it was a good idea for me to go out and get some work done while he stayed home with the little ones.

I took a few hours at Starbucks, alone with my computer, some work, and a few visits from friends (I can’t go to Starbucks and not see people I know!). It was wonderful! I enjoyed the new Vanilla Spice Latte (I recommend, if you like chai). I got some work done, and I was reminded of some things about myself:

  1. I am easily distracted – very easily.
  2. I like being around people (see #1).
  3. I adapt to others’ attitudes – if you’re happy, I’m happy. If you’re rude, I’m not happy…
  4. Getting away is good for me. I feel refreshed.
  5. I missed my kids. I needed some snuggles with the baby when I got home!

No stress. No pressure. And no one telling me “I have to go potty!” It was good for my soul.

Do you take time to be alone? Get away and do things you used to do when you were kidless? Enjoy some moments to sit and ponder? I (obviously) highly recommend it! Find some time. Pay a sitter. Bribe your hubby. Just hide in your closet. Do what you have to do :)Then come back and tell me what you remember about yourself!

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