My Absorbable Kitten Kids

4 years ago
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No, that is not a typo.  My kids love to intentionally use a wrong word to be silly and fun. I am going to write a book about Kitten Kids.  I am going to ride the coat-tails of the lovable Tiger Mom, Amy Chua.  I am going to read her new book and tell everything.  It's a shame that American culture does not allow freedom of speech and expression when it comes to education and success.  My kids are caught in the middle of being bullied and praised for their natural talents.  They don't work hard at all at their studies, but their teachers believe they are gifted overachievers.  Racial stereoypes?  I am battling with these issues daily.  Kittens are playful, gentle and cute.  It's not a joke, every kid has their unique personality with unique learning needs.  Please don't judge me on my parenting.