Moving Versus Moving In

9 years ago
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We moved a year ago, and we still haven’t fully moved in. By that I
mean, we still haven’t unpacked every single box, hung all of our
pictures, or bought all of the new furniture that we need to finish
things off. Although the economy has had its impact, our dog wears our
new couch in the form of two reconstructed knees, and my kids, my work,
my husband (not necessarily in that order) all come ahead of living in
a picture perfect house.

I remember when we moved into our last house and our oldest daughter
was four months old. Her room was a temporary storage room for oh,
everything, while other rooms were getting new windows and floors. Our
kitchen was in our garage; I washed dishes in an upstairs bathroom. Our
daughter didn’t learn to crawl as early as some because there was so
much dust I never wanted to put her down on the floor. We survived and
none the worse for the wear.

And now we have a clean house with too much life getting in the way
of making it picture perfect, but the more I think about it, we have
moved in.

Now, if I could just assemble this nightstand for my daughter’s bedroom…

Ta Dahhh! (2 hours later)

(this post loses some of its effect without the photos, so have a look:

I did it – didn’t think I could as I usually leave these projects
for my husband, the former engineer. But sometimes, I just need to try
anyway. Okay, so I have an extra screw, what’s wrong with having a
loose screw? I only have one ;-)


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