Most Beautiful Short Mulit-Origin Baby Names

9 months ago
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A name meaningful in multiple languages from different cultures can be called as multi-origin names.  Ancient languages like Sanskrit, Greek Swahili, Persian, Latin have gifted us some short names with beautiful meanings which match each other by pronunciations or spellings.

Below are Short and Trendy Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names meaningful in multiple languages.

Baby Names: Meaningful in Multiple Languages

1) Suri (Unisex)

In Sanskrit Suri means a Goddess/God/Thinker/Learned Person/A Sage

In Persian Suri means Red Rose

Who doenst know the Suri as a Celebrity Child name. Very popular and sweet name.

A variant of Suri or say very close to Suri is  Zuri: It means White or Light skinned

Zuri in Swahili means Beautiful or White 

2) Suki (Girl)

Sukhi in Sanskrit means Happy and in Japanese it means Beloved

Sukie in Hebrew is  Lily or Rose

3) Aila(Girl)

Meanss merriness  in Sanskrit,  Little Eve in English and Light Bearer in Finnish.

4) Aleka

Aleka is Defender of mankind in  Greek and Alekha means A picture / A painting in Sanskrit

5)Charmin (Girl)

Charmin Lord Shiva Name in in Sanskrit (Derived from Charmi in Sanskrit)

Charmin means Delight in Greek and  English and it also means Song in French

6) Lola (Girl)

Lola means Sorrows in  Spanish and English and Tongue in Sanskrit

7) Kimiya (Girl)

Kimiya is Alchemy in Persian and Miracle in Sanskrit

8) Aryan/Arian (Boy)

Aryan is a race in Ancient India and also it means Warrior in Sanskrit. Arian means Golden life in  Albanian and Melodious in Hebrew. Arian is a very popular baby boy name.

9)Arjan (Boy)

Arjan is Winner in Sanskrit,  From Hadria in Albanian and Dutch

10)Archie (Boy)

It means Genuine and Courage in Scottish English and also Ray In Sanskrit

11) Kia/Kian (Boy)

Kian is a popular name which means  Ancient or Distant in Gaelic and English. In Persian Kian means Kings or Royal. A different spelling but same pronunciation, Kyan means Knowledge in Sanskrit

12) Neo (Boy)

Neo means New and Gift  in Greek and English language and also it’s a Unisex African name

13)Rio (Unisex)

It means Brook / Stream in English,  River in Spanish. Rio is baby girl name in Japanese which means cherry Blossom

14)Edi (Unisex)

Edi is boy name which means Guardian of prosperity in Albanian, Edie means Rich battle, Rich fortune in English and used for girls, also Edi means Sheep in Sanskrit


Famous Drago name means Dragon in French language

Also means Precious in Italian

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