More than ever! The best Christmas in lean times.

9 years ago
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I've been concerned for my dear boy who has it in his head that he
must live in a house with no heat (too expensive), with roommates,
transferring to a new college and looking for a job and finishing up
his semester and final exams here in Sac all at the same time.  Mom
isn't around to help out and with the economy and jobs the way they're
going, I can't do a lot financially either.  Boy do I feel hopeless

He's excited to be living the grown up life.  Welcome to the real
world, kind of living.  Yeah it hits like a ton of bricks.  So as a
mom.  I worry.  It's my job.

I didn't even know if I would see him for Christmas so I'd already
sent his gift down to him.  Christmas felt like it would be just be
another ordinary day, but a day when I would feel depressed because it
was Christmas Day!!!

This afternoon I got an unexpected surprise when he called to tell
me he was on his way from Mountain View to stop by, visit and pick up a
few of his things.  YAAAAAAAY!  My little heart went flitter flutter. 
Yeah, I'm sappy.  I've said so time and time again.

He walked in the door, gave me a big hug and headed for the
kitchen.  While I was making him a couple of burritos he was inhaling
the pickles, apple juice, anything he could grab on to.  The boy was

It kills me to see him struggling but that is part of growing up and
moving out on one's own.  I know I went through it.  Very few people
have wealthy parents who can afford to finance their kids transition
into adulthood.  In a perfect world, maybe.  But in this time when my
husband's job is cutting back their hours from 40 to 20 hours a week. 
We're lucky to have a roof over our head and utilities.  That's about
all we can afford and food is something we have to stretch.

My son is doing well otherwise, he's been applying for jobs and has
some good prospects.  He's looking for restaurant work.  He's a full
time college student and since he lives with a shitload of roomies,
rent is cheap.  He's got his first serious girlfriend and he is excited
about that. Girlfriends do cost money.  He was going to need to get her
something nice for Christmas.

Isn't this a gorgeous?

Newsboy Hat
and Scarflette done with Bernat acrylic in Earth and Cozi(chenille
like) acrylic in Marbled Taupe as the trim. The Earth color is a dark
brown with bumps in creams and golds, Very beautiful and the marbled
taupe is a perfect trim, as you will agree. This is simply

Lucky for us, my mom has a nice store on Etsy
and she allows us to shop at a HUGE, discount.  Basically, she gives us
what we would enjoy having.  So, tonight my son and I went shopping for
his girlfriends Christmas gift.  He chose a really nice copper
necklace.  Then my mom asked me if I wanted to pick something out for
myself and I picked out a beautiful Lacy Agate and Copper necklace and
a pair of Copper earrings.

I almost picked this:

I had my eye on it for some time.  But when I held the other
necklace in my hand and looked at the stone, I was in love with it.  I
wish I had a photo, but she took it down from her store.  <sorry

Thank God for Moms!

Since we have been in such a bind Christmas this year has been
lean.  I've put up very little in decorations other than my candles and
I do play Christmas music and we've been watching Christmas shows and
movies so we are not completely void of holiday spirit.  We have it in
our hearts this year instead of our wallets.

We have enjoyed holiday get togethers with friends.  So, we've been
celebrating.  It's just the big day that I wasn't looking forward to. 
Kind of like a build up to a let down.

Last night I was thinking that perhaps by volunteering somewhere is
what people do to lift the mood.  I didn't want to have a boring,
Christmas day with little or no activity.  It's one thing to watch TV
during the holiday but ON THE HOLIDAY I need something more.

I asked my mom what she would think if we volunteered at the VFW to
cook Christmas dinner and serve the veterans who have no place to go. 
I know they do this at our post every Christmas and Thanksgiving and on
Thanksgiving they served over 80 dinners.   I didn't know how it would
be received but my family WANTS to do this and is looking forward to
it.  I am JAZZED!!!!!  I think I am looking forward to this Christmas
more than I have ever in a long time.  There will be music, and the
smell of baked hams and all the fix-ins.  We don't have to purchase the
food, but we get to enjoy cooking it and serving it and visiting with
people.  It's going to be fun.  I've always enjoyed the times that I
have cooked dinners or volunteered at other post activities. (I'm a
life member of the Ladies Auxiliary)  You get lost in the camaraderie
and the festivities and the work, it's not really work at all.

So I called today and volunteered us.  It happens that the person
who they were depending on is in the hospital and they will need the
extra help.  My son, who hardly ever goes anywhere with us, is even
planning on helping.  Hell!  I'm excited he was even planning to be
home for Christmas!  I guess when they move out, our kids actually miss
us.  =)  He's going to be home for the holidays.

Yes, it's going to be a very Merry Christmas this year!

I would not have expected that during a time when we are all
struggling that I would be anticipating the good times ahead.  But I
am.  More than ever!

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