Monday Fun-Day

4 years ago


The beginning of another week!  Usually Mondays are filled with laundry, cleaning, and other things I despise.  Not today!  I was surprised with a visit from our son (Mr. J) and 2 grandchildren (Mr. M & Little Miss  Z).  We went to lunch and came back to our house and played games.  And I mean G-A-M-E-S!  Not many children between the ages of 6 and 8 would even remotely know what to do with dominoes; other than build towers.  In our house, that's the first game that is always picked.  I think some of it is because I've told them stories about their Great-Great Grandmother and me playing the game, and/or the fact that they win their fair share of games.  No, I do not let them win.  We were brought up to believe that you earned those times when you are finally able to beat the adults.  After a couple of games of Dominoes, we played Left Right Center.  Absolutely, a game of chance; but I made the mistake of playing with pennies instead of the tokens "once" and now the kids think it's a great way to add to their piggy banks.  Today, we played with the tokens - probably why we only played once.  Miss Z decided we should play Skip Bo and Mr. M thought it might be fun, too.   Miss Z informed us that she knew how to play because they play in Primetime at school.  We had to teach Mr. M; but he's a quick learner.  We split the games; one win to Dad and one win to Miss Z.  Then it was time to go home, so their Mom could pick them up.  Mr. M and Little Miss Z are lucky to have parents that take such good care of them; even though they are no longer together.  Co-parenting is so difficult, but these two do a great job and put the kids before anything else.

I guess my online shopping will have to take a backseat for a while, unless I can pay through PayPal.  The Hubster noticed that we had a 50 cent charge on our account and then on Friday a $97.96 charge from a company in India (  So Friday, I spent an hour at the bank, filling out paperwork and I had to surrender my debit card.  EEK - what will I do without my debit card for 2 weeks?  So not only did they steal money from our account, but now I'm inconvenienced and will have to change all my account information on my monthly subscriptions. 


I must warn those who have not seen this finished quilt - it is beautiful!  Done with several red and white print fabrics - I can't wait to shop for my own.  When my Grandma Fidler passed away several years ago, I was given a file cabinet that is filled, stuffed, crammed with old quilt patterns - many of which date back to when she was a child.  Some of those were the Kansas City Star Quilt Patterns - which is something I've always treasured.  In this file cabinet are pattern templates that have been made from newspaper, tissue paper, cardboard and the occasional Big Chief tablet paper.  Quilting in years gone by was so much more in depth than it is now. I will never be the quilter that my grandmother was, but I am certainly trying.  So in order to follow in the family tradition (that skipped my mother) - I think I'll do this quilt in honor of Grandma Fidler.

If you are interested in this quilt and aren't able to get a copy of the January 20th Sunday paper - you can find it in two different places.         or     Go to the “Lifestyle” tab, then “House + Home.”


Rubies, Diamonds, Garnets, Too

2013 block of the month quilt

Isn't she lovely!!




Who doesn't love getting something for nothing?  Here is a giveaway that is being hosted by one of my favorite new blogs to follow.... A Night Owl  Blog, their sponsors and friends!

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Just click the link and it will take you to the page where you will need to enter.  It's a Rafflecopter ( Giveaway - so the more you share the more entries you get!   Good Luck!



This seems to be the first words out of the Hubster's mouth after I get my kiss "hello". Tonight's menu includes Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy and Green Beans.  Since we're trying to be a tad bit healthier, the chops will be fried in olive oil and the mashed potatoes and gravy made with low fat milk.  Green beans from a store bought can are usually tasteless and waxy.  I have devised an easy method to make them taste like they came from the garden.  I use a small crock pot, to which I add 2 cans of (any brand) cut green beans, 1/4 onion, chopped, and about 3-4 strips of bacon (raw) cut into pieces.  Cook all day on low and when dinner is served you will have the best tasting green beans you've ever tasted. 

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