Mommy and family bloggers, promote yourselves: The Me and Mine Meme 100

9 years ago

I had planned to launch into this new blogging venture of mine in special ops mode, but that's not working. I'll just have to come out and ask for suggestions and help right here on BlogHer. So here it goes: Are you a "mommyblogger" or "daddyblogger" (a blogger who focuses on parenting and family) who'd like more readers? You are! Then help yourself and help me as I get back in the "write" swing. Do the following meme post on your own blog, and tell me here at BlogHer so I can find you.

Me and Mine Meme 100 Directions:

    1.) State the name of your blog, your real name or your online name, and link to your "about me" page.
    2.) Say you want to be profiled on BlogHer as a family blogger and link back to this Me and Mine 100 original post,
    3.) Tell how long you've been blogging.
    4.) Pass this meme on to three other bloggers that you think should be profiled/interviewed, and ask them to do the meme. (Kindly link to the bloggers you select.)

What's a meme? Look here for more information on memes.

What's up with the 100? Answer: I hope to do a hundred interviews by December 31, 2008. So, let me know about you or about a blogger you think is interesting. If you don't let me know about your blog or the bloggers you want to know about, then who will? Also, if you want to make sure I know you did the meme, then please leave a link to your "Me and Mine 100" meme on this post in the comments section.

WOW! I'm going out on a limb here. I've already wondered what if nobody wants to be interviewed or thinks enough of other bloggers to submit their names for interview. Naw, there's always somebody out there who will think of others if not of herself. I also wondered what if nobody does the meme? You know, some bloggers aren't fond of memes. Just look up "I hate memes" in a search engine. But there must be a few bloggers out there who still find memes entertaining.

Why am I doing this?

If you haven't seen my posts in a while, then it's not because you overlooked them. I haven't been blogging much lately. Despite being a professional writer, I haven't been writing much either. In fact, the last post I added to the Web was here at BlogHer a month ago and about dolls that teach social responsibility. I learned about them on television of all places!

The reality is that I haven't had the time in the last two months to surf the Net, much less read work by my fellow bloggers, and so, I feel out of touch. My lack of reading is not because I don't love to read my fellow bloggers but because I've been going through personal family evolution, you know, wading through challenges with aging parents, the angst of my teenager, the inclinations of my grown child, and the sometimes excessive dysfunction of extended family drama.

Nevertheless, the solution to getting back in the flow of blogging and writing came to me clearly last month. I saw interviewing other parenting/mommy bloggers as a win-win proposition in the blogosphere for me. I'll get to know other family and parenting bloggers better while helping them publicize their parenting/family blogs. The idea struck me as a good way to find out who's new and how veterans remain successful and energized. But, like I said, I haven't had time.

As mentioned, I thought I'd go about this in a quiet way, slowly contacting mommy and family bloggers to be interviewed, but I realized that if I do that, I'll never get to it. Furthermore, if I do it by my surfing alone then who I interview may be too influenced by my personal sphere of knowledge. In other words, I might succumb to interviewing only more well-known bloggers. Where's the fun in that?

I started checking out a few potential bloggers for interview today, however, and came across the blog Mommin' It Up! Ironically, what I saw was that one of its owners, Jenny, had already done at least once what I plan to do now. In one of her November posts she interviewed Karen of Pediascribe. You can read Jenny's interview Karen at this link.

I like Jenny's title for the interview, "I’m like the Barbra Walters of the Blogging World…," and her tongue-in-cheek intro is rather engaging:

I’ve decided to play Barbra Walters and interview my bloggy buddy Karen of Pediascribe fame. I tried to make her cry but since this is a blog interview I’m not sure if I’ve succeeded! Oh well, maybe I’m more like Joy Behar than Barbra Walters. But if I’m Joy Behar, who is Emily? Oh, right, she’s that hot, pregnant one that’s married to a football player. But anyhoo, here’s our spell-binding interview…don’t forget to visit Karen at Pediascribe after you’ve read it! (Caveat: Karen prefaced her answers by saying “Two glasses of wine later…”) (Source: Mommin' It Up!)

In addition to seeing Jenny's post, I frequently read Contributing Editor Nina Smith's 10 Money Questions series. As you may infer from the title, Nina's interviews focus on finance. Here's a link to Nina's interview with blogger Kyran Pittman.

I haven't yet decided the format of the "Me and Mine" interviews, whether I'll do a traditional interview as I did when I interviewed Katina Parker of New Orleans Labor of Love or a Q/A interview as Nina does. Perhaps I'll mix it up.

Please take the time to do the Me and Mine 100 Meme as soon as possible, if not for yourself, then do it to let me know of another blogger who deserves to be read more. See the meme directions earlier in this post, and remember to come back here and link your meme in the comments section below.

Thank you for your time, support, and help.

Nordette Adams is a Contributing Editor for whose personal blog is presently being reinvented. She moved in the summer back to southeastern Louisiana.

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