Mommas Pearls

8 years ago
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Pearl of the day: Pass down, re-purpose and pass on

*We gather our strength by learning from others.

*When my sister was asked to draw a picture of her family in elementary school she drew my mother in a prim and proper dress with a beautiful white pearls around her neck.

*My mom is not the quintessential 50’s mom, she is more the 60’s jeans and t-shirt mom, who has pearls but wears them on special occasions. Yet my mom always has incredible pearls of wisdom to dole out many of which rolled right past me when I was younger.

*Now as a mother, I am in search of the pearls I let slip by and frequently scramble to recount her guidance when faced with my own challenges with my two young kids. Yet, when I finally find the pearls but before stringing the pearl, it must first pass inspection by my mom and friends and the pearls that worked for my mom not always works for me.

*When I step back and take another look I realize that our birthing process is similar to that of a pearl. A pearl’s life begins as a grain of sand or other foreign body that finds its way inside a living shelled mollusk, embeds itself and over time morphs into a pearl which is cast open as a new gem into the world. Like the pearl, children are our most precious gems and we cast them out into the world in whatever shape or form to collect their experiences and find their way.

*If a pearl necklace represents a lifetime of wisdom and experience, then each individual pearl signifies a chapter or life lesson. When my in-laws gave me a pearl necklace as a wedding gift, I had but a glimmer of what the next chapter in my life would bring. Seven years and two kids later, each day is a new adventure. True to my string, some days are beautiful, bright and smooth, some are okay, and others are cloudy and imperfect.

*Eventually, I will pass on my pearls along with my parent’s and grandparent’s pearls to my children to re-purpose and pass further down the line. To tap the collective wisdom of your ancestors and loved ones, re-purpose it and pass it down is the ultimate green initiative for mothers.

*For my grandmother’s pearls looked very different on her then on me. My grandmother passed away recently and I inherited a few pieces of her jewelry, nothing fancy but pieces wonderfully imbued with her essence and experiences. Interestingly, each piece I have worn or attempted to wear has broken. I mentioned this to my sister who said the same thing was happening to her!

*We think grandma is still casting her opinion on whether our outfits work with her pieces. Yet this reinforces that what is passed on must first be remembered and then re-purposed so it can have new experiences – or just find someone who handles repairs!

*It certainly seems that my pearls never seem to look as good as my momma’s pearls, yet they will hopefully look more beautiful on my daughter!


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