Mom Hack: Turn Your Child’s Tablet into a Phone without Contracts

8 months ago
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Parents purchase tablets to help with kids schooling, homework, and to give them their own device to access the internet. Moms are also finding a new use for their child’s tablet, a replacement for buying their kid a cell phone. With downloadable calling apps, like Dollar Digits new tablet app, Phablet, a tablet can be used to call, text, and leave messages. This mom hack not only eliminates the need for adding new lines to current phone carrier services, but also ensures additional safety and communication power for moms and their families.

With second phone number apps, like Phablet, kids are able to call parents to pick them up after school, or in case of emergencies. The phone app works in the same way as any mobile phone, without added expenses or additional fees.

Safety. Security. AND More

This Mom Hack eliminates the need to purchase expensive smart phones for young kids. Not to mention, the larger screens and capabilities of tablets can also help with homework and their child’s education.  The Phablet is a win-win situation for many families.

If children misuse the calling app, or the phone number tablet app becomes the target of marketers, the fix is simple. Phablet and second number phone apps can be deleted with the click of a button. Mothers can choose to install another phone number onto the tablet again later.

Phablet and second phone apps also have the option to turn off at set times. Moms can turn off notifications during school hours and while their kids should be focusing their attention elsewhere, for example while they are in class, doing homework, or attending sports practice.

Get In on the Mom Hack

To download the phone app, go to the google play or apple store and search “phone number apps”, “second phone number apps”, or simply type in “Dollar Digits.” Tablet phone apps are easy to use. Parents simply choose the plan that best fits their needs, select a phone number with an area code, put in their desired settings and let their kids start making the calls. 

About Phablet

For more information about the Dollar Digits app for Tablets visit or follow Dollar Digits on social media. Download the app to cut down on phone bills while still giving your child the ability to call and text when they need you.

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