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4 years ago

In our house, she is the ultimate rock star.  She has a killer wardrobe, cool friends and awesome adventures.  My daughter laughs and shrieks with delight when she sees her.  Who is this hip chick?

It’s Chica the Chicken!


Preschoolers may already know Chica as one of the many fun characters from “The Sunny Side Up Show” on the cable network Sprout.  Now Chica gets her own weekly series, “The Chica Show” which premieres on NBC Kids starting this Saturday, February 9.

This past weekend, my three-year-old daughter and I got a squeak peek of “The Chica Show” and got to meet Chica the Chicken and her BFF Kelly.

chicashow5             chicashow9

“The Chica Show” is a new weekly TV series featuring live action, puppets and animation that follows the imaginative adventures of Chica the Chicken and her friends Kelly, Stitches (an animated character voiced by Mario Lopez) and Bunji, the bunny, as they explore all the different whimsical costumes and accessories in The Costume Coop – a playful shop filled with every costume imaginable.


Chica helps her mom and dad – Mr. & Mrs. C – in The Coop, and when it closes, she and her friends magically transform into animated characters and set off in adventures that offer teachable moments for preschoolers – whether it it’s going under the sea to learn more about clean-up time, embarking on a voyage with Vikings to discover why manners are important, or jetting off to a rock concert to discover why practice makes perfect.

I like “The Chica Show” a lot.  The colorful characters, catchy songs and easy-to-follow storylines held my daughter’s attention for the duration of the episode, about 11 minutes.   The series features age-appropriate lessons and examples that re-enforce positive behavior.   It also promotes social-emotional development in preschoolers by inspiring creative play.


My daughter had a great time meeting Chica and seeing an episode of show.  We’re still talking about the costumes, the characters,  the lessons and the music.  We even turned it into a little game, WWCD – What Would Chica Do?   My daughter was thrilled when she was given her own plush doll of Chica.  She has not let Chica out of her sight, taking her EVERYWHERE and snuggling with her at bedtime.  “The Chica Show” has a big fan with my daughter, she’ll definitely be tuning in each week.


“The Chica Show” premieres on NBC Kids starting this Saturday, February 9.  You’ll should check your local listings to see what time it airs in your area, since times may differ.

Now it’s your turn to share.  What is your child’s favorite TV show to watch?


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