Mean Mom Award

I'm a "mean" mom and I have the award to prove it.  

When my oldest son was a senior in high school he made a plaque in woods class.  He called it the "Mean Mom Award".  It was over 6 feet tall, beautifully crafted and earned him an A+ grade.  He presented it to me at his Senior Banquet in front of his entire graduating class, parents, teachers, and school administration. 

While I understand his sense of humor, there were many parents who thought I was an awful parent and had no problem voicing their disbelief at my "cruelty".  To those parents I say "Good Luck!  My son won't be living in my basement when he's 35 expecting me to take care of him." 

Some of the things he put on the plaque are humorous, some are poignant, all are true...and I won't apologize for any of them.

Mean Mom Award

For teaching me to be trustworthy by making me keep my promises even when I wanted to do something else.  

For teaching me that loyalty is not only defending my family and friends but also anyone being teased or bullied.

For teaching me to be helpful by making me work without pay for our neighbors.

For teaching me that everyone deserves a friend and I can be that friend.

For teaching me to be courteous by demanding I said "Please" first and "Thank you" afterwards.

For teaching me that when I have hurt someone or their feelings that "I'm sorry" should only be said honestly and with feeling.

For teaching me kindness and to be unselfish by making me volunteer at the animal shelter, food shelf, homeless shelter and children's hospital.

For teaching me that all rules are meant to be followed and if I broke them, I could expect a long stay in my room without TV, video games, computer or telephone.

For teaching me that life is short and we should enjoy each and every moment.

For teaching me that nothing in life worthwhile is free that I have to earn each and every one.

For teaching me that fear will only stop me, but by facing my fears I can accomplish anything.

For teaching me that a smile can make anyone's day a little brighter, including my own.

For teaching me that everyone is different but we are also the same.

For teaching me how do my own laundry and putting it away or I'd go to school in wrinkly or dirty clothes.

For teaching me how to cook by making supper for our family twice a week.

For teaching me how wash, dry and put away the dishes even when the dishwasher worked just fine.

For teaching me to clean my room, the kitchen, the toilet, the bathtub, the livingroom and every other room in the house.

For teaching me how to use a vacuum cleaner: on the floor, the curtains, and the furniture.

For teaching me responsibility by feeding, exercising, and grooming our pets.  And even making me pick up the dogs' poop in the yard.

For teaching me how to plant a garden and harvest the vegetables.

For teaching me to be grateful for everything I have been given or you would give it to someone who would appreciate it.

For teaching me that bravery is not an easy road, sometimes you have to stand up to a friend who is in the wrong.

For teaching me that humility can be a tough pill to swallow.

For teaching me that falling in love is easy but staying in love is hard work.

For teaching me that unconditional love has no strings attached.

For everything you taught me...

Thank you.

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