Making Time for What You Love To Do

5 years ago

I have a scrapbooking hobby. Sort of. When my I was pregnant with my son, I bought beautiful linen albums, deckle-edged paper, decorative scissors that would make any kind of paper edge, a set of alphabet stamps, an array of colored inks, a paper and photo cutter, archival glue, pens, and a linen-bound box for keepsakes. Every once in awhile after he was born, I would stand in front of the closet where all this bounty was stored and just think about the beautiful scrapbook I would make.

I continued to buy a few odds and ends here and there: hand-printed decorative papers (they were on sale), a container of paper butterflies (so pretty! and on sale), a different kind of archival adhesive. But my son is 8 now. And not once have I pulled those items down off the shelves to make the beautiful scrapbook I'd imagined in my mind.

All of us have those activities and hobbies we've dreamed of and tossed aside in the name of keeping ordinary life going. Once after I did a Today show segment with Ann Curry about mothers who could find time for themselves, she pulled me aside to confide that after she had gone through a breast cancer scare (negative, luckily), her doctor had told her that it was a priority that she find time for herself, time to unwind, time to be with her own thoughts. And she said she knew in her heart she was right, and she took up with her long-lost love of photography again. And she said she could already feel how it had changed her, and allowed her to put herself first, for the better of not only herself but her family.

"But how?" everyone wails.

These two women, who have a wonderful blog called The Dao of Doing, have been working on their answers. And they share their inspiration. Here's a great post about taking the definite steps to feed your soul and stay attached to the you just for you.

What if self-care were the key to being more creative? We’re doing the activities in BJ Gallagher’s Why Don’t I Do the Things I Know are Good For Me? to find the answers. This post is written by Kel.

The self-care activity that we did this past week is from Chapter 49: BJ Gallagher tells us to DO WHAT WE LOVE TO DO. (Sound familiar?) She asks a series of questions to help us find our deepest desires. One of them is: What are my gifts and my talents? Answering this might help you find what you really love to do.

Mommyfriend is thinking of ways to choose herself:

What else am I doing to choose me?

  • I’m choosing chick-flicks on Netflix from now on because they make me happy dammit.
  • I go on two walks a day at work because it makes me feel good.
  • I’m asking my kids to be more self-sufficient because they are able.
  • I’m learning not to give a %$#&.

Why do we need it? Alicia at Balancing Motherhood put it well:

It isn’t often that I get any time alone. Maybe 10 minutes here or 10 minutes there. Even when I’m alone, my family is usually still in the house — asleep or in another room. It’s not the same as being on your own, making your own decisions without having to account for anyone else.

How do you feed your soul?

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