The Making of the Just a Mommy Club

5 years ago
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Hi. I'm Jennifer and this is my very first blog.

In November 2012, I attended an event called the Women of Faith conference. One of my girlfriends, Courtney had invited me to this religious experience and I agreed to go. I remember that I agreed because I was being a friend and I considered myself religious but I also remember wondering what I had gotten myself into by agreeing to attend.

The day of the conference arrived and we went into the arena and took our seats. Then the conference began. I felt overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit taking over my soul as I sang the songs, listened to the speakers and felt their pain and shared their joys.

Lisa Curtis Higgs came to the stage and I remember thinking, "I wish she was my friend." She was/is so happy and full of life and the message that she brought filled my heart with happiness and my soul with love and made me a life-long fan.

Author Angie Smith acted as an MC for the event as well as a speaker. It was during her session that I KNOW my life was changed. She told the story of carrying her daughter for nine months, all the while knowing that with the various medical problems that her baby daughter had, she would not live long on this earth. She was merely an angel meant to say a quick hello before returning to the Lord. The message that Angie brought wasn’t of anger towards God but of understanding.  The understanding that we are not meant to understand the rhymes or reasons behind God’s plan.  We are meant to understand to trust in the Lord for he is good and he knows ultimately what he’s doing.

After Angie left the stage, her words weighed heavily on my mind.  I thought, how fortunate am I that God gave me two beautiful children while so many others are suffering.  When Angie was on stage she asked everyone who had lost a child to rise for they are not alone.  I thought back to that moment because I realized that while I may have not lost a child I still grieved for every last one of those women and the pain that they endured.

When the conference ended, I left, knowing that I was a different person with a different outlook on life. For the last year or so, I felt that I had wandered around aimlessly, not knowing which road to travel, unable to find my purpose in this life.  I left that conference knowing that I hadn’t served the Lord like I should and that my true calling was ministry and delivering the Message. Like I said, the conference and Angie Smith changed my life.

When I went back home, I think I went a little crazy and downloaded a bunch of spiritual songs, started looking for a new job inside the ministry and told my husband life was about to change.  But, I think I went about things the wrong way.  I tend to live my life zero to sixty in five seconds, and it has been a struggle to learn to breathe and take a second.  Yes my life has changed but that doesn’t mean it all has to happen overnight. I took a second to breathe.

One of the best things that I did was Google Angie Smith’s blog,  I read her blog entries and I realized that she is just like me; a mom who wants to make the right decisions for her babies and lead her life serving the Lord.  One of the themes of her blog entries is; am I making the right decisions for my family?  And, I thought, she is not the only woman who asks these questions.  Where do women go to seek answers from their fellow moms and wives?  So, I had a thought.  Why not create a club that is for the moms out there that celebrates motherhood and all of the things that come with it.  Thus the birth of the Just a Mommy Club. 

When I first named this club, I thought, does the words” Just a Mommy” mean I am limiting myself to being just a mommy and if so, is that okay?  Then I realized, I’m not just a mommy, but this is the most important job that I will EVER have.

The second thing that I did was start this blog.  I have a degree in English, Creative Writing but I haven’t used this degree in 10 years.  For the last 10 years, I have worked in marketing and advertising but ultimately that goal that I had at 23 to write “THE NOVEL” has feel to the side as life took over. I love to write.  I love putting thoughts to paper (or computer, however you look at it). Most importantly, I love making a difference.  And I will one way or another.

So, this my blog.  This is me.  This is for you.  Thank you Angie Smith for being an inspiration to me and for being so open and for…well, being you.  I know we haven’t met and I hope if you ever read this, you aren’t completely freaked out.  Thank you Courtney, for asking me to go to Women of Faith and for being such a great friend. These ladies and so many more have made me who I am today and the truth is, we need each other.  All of us need one another.  We should all be each other’s biggest fans and biggest supporters. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you come back and read more.

God Bless You…

Jennifer Franz

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