Lucky Day

4 years ago

The car sitting on the street in front of our house when I woke up this morning had stalled. I took Phil (the dog) out for her morning squat and noticed the car there and a man and woman inside. He got out to ask if I had any jumper cables.

No, I said. And sorry.

I was sorry too. My ancient Mom-van has had to be jumped a couple of times--most recently just two weeks ago in our own driveway when Connor left a door ajar and almost had to be again last night when Robin had exited before her OCD game of "play with the interior lights" had finished when we got home from a quick store run. Fortunately I noticed the lights on in time to cuss and grab the keys and then be very happy indeed when the car started.
So, No, I said. And sorry.

Robin missed the school bus this morning. Big testing to continue all week started today. I was grateful to be here and have a car that started and gas in the car to take her to school. I was so grateful I was even grateful she had missed the bus so I could be grateful to be able to help her solve her problem.
The car was still in front of the house when I got home. Someone had jumped it but it wouldn't run. That same someone was to bring back a can of gas as the next item to troubleshoot.
The man had two plastic cups and asked if I would give him water. I invited him in and grabbed the spring water from the fridge. Car trouble without the resources to solve the problem can be an undignified experience, I know.
"It's for the radiator," he said.
Oh, okay. I had an empty gallon jug and filled it from the tap.
I hate this kind of stuff more than anything, car trouble, I told him.
He agreed it is the worst.
I wished them luck.
The same kind of luck I enjoyed this morning when my 8th grader realized her clock didn't go off and this was the first day in the history of the world that Phil didn't wake us before dawn and she would miss the bus and testing started today...
Some of that kind of luck.
So grateful. So.
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