Lowlands....and Highlands....Kind of.....

7 years ago

Seeee? I did manage to edit some photos in my post-party haze of ouchness. I am FAR too old to be up at 5am. Whether it's still up or just up. Either way...no likey. Here are the photos from Kelso...which I loved. Hard. It is the cutest little town....if you ever go down head right into the town square. It's cobbled...so don't wear heels. Like I did. Because you'll trip. Like I did. There are little side streets branching off with shops, pubs, and coffee houses. We stopped into a small coffee shop/deli and bought some warm drinks to keep us going (ok, there may have been some special purchases made for nibbles later...top secret) then made our way up to Kelso Abby. Highly recommended.

I may have made monkey come to a dead stop on the road so I could roll down the window and talk to the cows. MAYBE. Whatever...look at their faces! Total attention...they even talked back.
This cow? Was awesome. She even tilted her head as if to say, 'Whoa....why are you stopped on the road and speaking to me? That almost never happens....you.are.weird.'
I love the trees here. LOVE. They are all fantastically bent...and huge....and just beautiful.
Autumn colours make me warm gushy happy in my brain. Seriously. This was the most beautiful drive ever.
I mean, look at the freaking size of those trees!
If I hadn't been a passenger in a moving car going 70 mph I would have totally jumped out and attempted to climb this thing.
Again...this was taken at 70 mph but I love how the tree turned out in focus and the other plant stuff was blurry.
This was in Kelso Abby...
The Abby....which is a ruin for the most part now but you can see how amazing it was when it was built a million billion (give or take) years ago.
Did I mention there is a graveyard? JOYNESS
Sadly? No ghosts. I think. If you seen one TELL ME.


So that was our trip to the borderlands in the south. This week we were up in the highlands! Inverness and even further north to the Falls of Shin. A-Ma-Zing. Cold....like, seriously cold. But amazing. I love the highlands...there is an area in between Glasgow and Aviemore (which is like...Banff? Kind of...ski-bum place in winter and touristy foresty place in summer) that isn't my most favourite...kind of moorish looking with alot of bland vegetation....but then you are suddenly surrounded by forests, and villages, and mountains.


And it's REMOTE in areas.

Tiny little roads that you can only fit one vehicle down at a time.

And we had to yield to a chicken.

Truth....it actually crossed the road in front of us. Slowly. With a total attitude. Chickens rock.

Photos to follow at some point when I have time.


Which may be never. I'm off to London next week for four days and I'm not entirely sure I'll have time to do anything at all. Who knows. Oh...and did I mention I have set myself an editorial deadline for Monday? Yep. And I'm cooking and baking and stuff.


I need a life assistant. I will pay in potatoes. You will be in charge of 'things I can't be assed with'....which includes but is not limited to:
Bathroom Cleaning
Doing my hair before I wake up
Brushing my teeth before I wake up
Changing the channel
Bringing me chocolate

....quietly plotting mischief in Scotland....

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