Life With Muggles

3 years ago

We are all Harry Potter fans in my house.

Thus, we call people who do not have a serious level of non-neurotypical issues “Muggles”. We do that because it is such a convenient shorthand. Muggles can be great. They are fascinating and sometimes baffling. They can be brilliant, and the fact they are normal makes them no less amazing. Most importantly, it reminds us that since Muggles outnumber us everywhere but Hogsmead and Hogwarts (AKA: engineering and software development offices) we need to adapt to them.

We call social skills training “Muggle Studies”. It makes us happy.

Stitch has further categorized people into Muggles and Muggle-Muggles. Muggles are people who don’t have an issue like OCD or Asperger’s but have been around someone who DOES have issues long enough to “get” why we’re carrying a wand and wearing a robe, so to speak. Muggle-Muggles are nice people who haven’t knowingly met a non-Muggle before and our quirks cause them consternation. Mean people who think we are “wrong” because we are different aren’t Muggle-Muggles. They are asshats.

People who are non-Muggles but INSIST they are Muggles are Squibs. People who ignore or deny that their children aren’t Muggles are Idiots.

Yes, we like thing sorted into their proper categories. Go figure.

I’m at my parent’s this week with my friend Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea’s son got his letter from Hogwarts, too. I think Sweet Pea and MAYBE baby Spock are the only Muggles in the house. My mom is a Squib, because she thinks her OCD traits are “normal”. She is a ‘people person’ like many Muggles. Mom and Sweet Pea sit and talk and socialize and it looks like they are happy. I do it too, happy to be with them for a few hours. Then I want to go type because that’s enough talking for me for now, thanks. I have blogs to write. I have books to write. I have non-talking I need to do.

My mom will then follow me over to the computer and start talking. Because I love my mom and don’t want to be a rude dickhead, I respond. Sweet Pea comes back into the room and joins mom at the table, because when people are sitting and talking Sweet Pea is too polite and friendly to just pass ‘em by – especially if she is staying in their house. That means I am socializing again. Huh.

This is a conundrum for an Aspy.

I am not so much with the blog writing. I am not so much with any writing. I’m only writing this now because Mom and Sweet Pea are watching a movie with the girls like good people who are involved in the lives of their loved ones. Sweet Pea’s son is out here with me, on his iPad, pleased as punch he isn’t interacting with my kids even though he loves them and they are some of his best friends.

This is what it is like to be on the Spectrum.

Now excuse me while I collect my owl and head to Platform 9 & 3/4.

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