Life on the Mountain

5 years ago
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Wonderful morning on the mountain today.  Up early, got the hounds fed and watered, put the coffee on and hiked down the driveway to get the newspaper.  Have been sitting in my recliner contemplating future projects.  Tax return prep is inevitable  for this month and I really will feel guilty working on any fun stuff until I get that necessary evil under control and the yearly monkey off my back.  I really do feel like I have been "set free" when I get through!! 

Some items on my list: continuing on setting up my space to work on projects involving creativity.  Going through my clothes and getting rid of things no longer worn.  Continuing to downsize the paperwork stored. I have already signed up for two more art classes in the next few weeks. Vignettes I want to set up and photograph.

Yesterday, the spouse and I came off the mountain and went out in the world.  A FB posting from one of my favorite consignment shops, prompted us to drive to the southern half of the county and we scored with two comfy, matching occasional chairs for our living room, the holidays having shown us a dire lack of seating.  Older pieces with appropriate usewear on the wood but having been re-upholstered with comy cushioning and a fabric that just happened to fit in perfectly, they were irresistible when the shop owner offered  a fantastic deal!!  Working our way back north, we stopped at a local Christmas/ garden center to check the leavings of the after Chrstmas sale, picking up a couple of wreaths for the kitchen,  some sparkly garlands and mantel decorations and two!! Christmas gnome doors, which I had missed seeing this year.  

Going to catch up on Season Two of Downton Abbey and DVR the start of the third season which starts today.  A good way to relax in the evenings after work!

Happy New Year Ya'll!!!! 

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