Let your Kids be Your Coaches

5 years ago
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They are small. They didn't see many places on this planet so far. But anyways - or just because of that: kids can be great role models when it comes to confidence, or energy, or even stubbornness! There are many reasons to take a closer look on your kids' behaviors and to learn from them...

1// Light-heartedness

Kids don't stay pissed for too long. That's smart! Cause if you can't forgive others, you just hurt yourself. Plus kids accept the fact, that you can't change everything. Adults overthink certain things way too much! "I wish I had...!"
"I wish I was...!" thoughts are just killing your happiness.

2// Candor

Take two kids who never met before and put them together in one room. What happens? It's quiet possible that they will play and act as if they are oldest and best friends after 10 minutes. Kids are impartially. They give everybody a chance and just want to have a good time. For us adults it gets harder and harder to make friends or meet new people, especially from different surroundings. We avoid smalltalk - what destroys the chance of having an inspirational meeting.

3// Concentration and Awareness

Kids can beam themselves away. No? Yes! Just sit down and watch a boy building a spaceship with his Legos. He's gone. Not available. Kids have the ability to focus so hard on one little thing, they forget everything around them. Time and space.
We, the adults, are never really that focused. We try to multitask, do several things at the same time, but none of all this we REALLY DO. The way kids do it is definitely the right way. Inner peace, satisfaction, and the great feeling to finish a project!

4// Creativity

There is one place where everything is possible: inside a kid's head! Kids have a huge phantasy, including monsters and fairies. They think in several different ways. Most of the time the outcome of that is just crazy stuff - but sometimes they invent the most fabulous things, like "animal-noise-translation-machines". Or sentences like "When it's foggy outside, everything looks like whispered!". In our grown up heads, thoughts only go on straight tracks. That might be effective, but only leads into one direction. No surprising new ideas.
A nice idea: just grab something (your phone, remote...), touch it, feel it, as if you see it for the very first time, and then let your imagination go crazy while trying to figure out - what is this?

5// A nice portion of selfishness

Kids need help and they are not afraid to ask. Kids are the kings of delegation. Quite opposite from us. Women hesitate to delegate jobs. They want to do everything - in their job AND at home. And they want to do it perfectly! But sometimes it's smarter and healthier to just say "No!" or to ask others for help. Without thinking "What is in there for me? Will I get something back?". For kids it's easy to accept a gift. But if we get invited for dinner, we say "Ok, but next time it's our turn to invite you!" right away.

6// Don't be scared to fail!

Kids focus on their goals. They keep talking even though the hard word won't get out of their little mouths the way it's supposed to be. The grown-ups laugh about that gibberish? Who cares! Or when they start to walk and fall back on their little butts - they sometimes cry for a few seconds, get up, and try it again!
What would happen if adults had to learn how to walk? Most of them would probably keep laying on the ground, grumpy,  after the fifth try. "I will never make it! It's impossible to walk!"
There is this saying: The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is, that the successful people get up once more!
So get up, smile, and try again!

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