Leapster LeapPad - a total rip off!

5 years ago

I'm taking this opportunity to rant - at the people at Leapster! The LeapPad is a total 100% rip off.

My kid got it for Christmas. His grandma bought it. Nice of her, right? A $100 toy because this kid loves, loves, loves anything techy.  This seemed like a good solution to get him off my nook and my iphone for a while.

The damn thing should come with a warning. Something along the lines of "Apps, games, storybooks are super expensive. When all is said and done you will spend more money on this thing than you would have if you just bought your kid a iTouch and then spent the money on $1 apps. Thank you for your patronage."

What? You mean no one would buy the damn thing if they knew that??? Well, I'm shouting it out to every parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, godparent, etc who thinks that are doing a kid a favor by buying him this wonderful toy - DON'T DO IT!

My kid plays with his when he gets bored with the one game on there it goes in the toy box for a few months until he remembers it, then it comes out for a few days. I plugged it in to download some "free" treats (which is needed for the current and only game). I checked the apps again (as I am planning for a rather lengthy overseas plane ride)...$25 dollars for the new games!!! That's right...$25 for a game. The cheapest is $7.50 for a book! 

You can get an iTouch for $175 then load it up with free and $1 apps.  I can spend $200 and have plenty of stuff for him to do on there.  Conversely, I can spend $200 with the Leapster and that will get me 4 game apps (includign the cost of $100 for the actual toy, which granted I have...but come on!)

Anyone interested in a rather new Leapster??? If I can unload this thing for $75 - I'm well on my way to an iTouch for the kids...

I know some of you are saying what preschooler needs an iTouch. He doesn't, granted...but I'm on a 15 hour flight (including a 3 hour layover) and I'm traveling solo with my two kids (4 1/2 & 1 1/2)...so don't judge. A girl's got to try to keep her sanity - and the sanity of all fo those who have the pleasure of being on our flight! I apologize in advance!

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