Minivans vs SUVS: Are Automatic Doors Really Life-Changing?

6 years ago

Chevrolet Venture: Minivans Are Too Common!My sister-in-law, recently in the market for a new vehicle, posed this question on her Facebook page: Leave me your opinions about minivans vs. SUVs.

The response was shocking. More than 80 (!) posts came in from her friends and family touting the fabulousness of both minivans and SUVs.

Now I have posted on my own Facebook page about life altering subjects: the dangers of synthetic food dye, the toxicity of high fructose corn syrup. I’ve posted articles about current events and celebrities. And never once have I received this kind of passionate and fiery response from so many people at one time. What’s going on here? Mothers keep quiet about pesticide use, Sarah Palin and world peace but open a big can of “my minivan is better than your SUV” when the opportunity arises? (Don’t worry; there was plenty of “My SUV will run over your minivan” talk as well. Really.)

I have several ideas about what’s going on in the world of moms to inspire such lively debate over family vehicles.

  • Minivan moms have been lulled into a false sense of reality that life is super easy thanks to push button sliding doors. (I actually had a friend call her remote control doors “life-changing.” She meant it. And I believe her. But not enough to get my own.
  • While minivan moms have given up, er, given in, to all that is “motherly,” SUV moms might sadly be clinging to a younger, cooler version of themselves. The only way to convince themselves they’ve still got it is to threaten to run over your Sienna. It’s nothing personal.
  • Minivans are more fun to name than SUVs.
  • It’s sort of hilarious to picture the most macho dad you know driving a minivan. I’m not sure why this is, but I dare you not to laugh.
  • Parents may be hoping beyond hope that an SUV will prevent their family vehicle from the fate of the minivan seen in the popular video “Mom My Ride.”

It’s true as my sister-in-law’s uncle told her: “A car doesn’t make you cool or uncool.” It doesn’t. But when you spend as much time in one as a mom does, you better make sure you like it. (My sister-in-law went with the Honda Odyssey, by the way. She’s learning to accept it by playing with the remote control doors and chanting, “This is only temporary.”)

Brooke Bernard is also in the market for a bigger family vehicle, and she’s leaning toward an SUV with captain’s chairs. Feel free to leave a comment here about why she will or will not ruin her life making the decision to forego the minivan. For more Brooke Bernard check out

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