Laid Back Slacker Parent

8 years ago

As far as my parenting style goes, you could say that I am pretty laid back.

I have five year old twins and even when they were infants I fed them on demand and let them work out their own sleep schedules. We let them co-sleep since it seemed to work better for us and when at six months my daughter started sleeping better in her crib she moved out.

Not of our house, just out of my bed.

The boy slept with us until he was one.

My kids have a vague bedtime, 7:30. But if something good is happening, like we have people over or we are on vacation they can stay up later. During the summer I let them get up in the mornings whenever they wake up.

I wouldn't say that we practice "attachment parenting" but I wouldn't really say that we don't either.

Sure, when school starts I will get them up in plenty of time to eat breakfast and get dressed before the bus shows up, but until then it is a free for all.

Our days plays out depending on what specific things we have to do each day. They eat lunch when they get hungry. We have a somewhat organized dinner each night, but for lunch we generally all eat something different.

My kids are allowed to watch tv. I record shows for them on the DVR. I work from home, and some days it is the only way I can meet my deadlines (Hi Erin and Denise!). If they end up watching two hours of "Zoboomafoo" so be it.

Earlier today an older neighbor boy could not believe that I let my five year old son watch all six Star Warsmovies. He said "Some of them are rated PG-13!"

"Probably," I said, "but we're not really worried about ratings. That isn't how I determine what is acceptable for my children to watch."

He looked at me like I was nuts, but it is true. I've seen Star Wars at least fifty two times and I thought it was okay to let the twins watch it. My husband and I talk them through the scary parts and we try to explain the more confusing concepts. There are shows I won't let the kids watch because they are too violent or scary - like The Dark Knight or the local  news.

Now I'm not going to sit here and say we don't have any rules. My children have to drink milk with dinner. They are required to say please and thank you when appropriate. I don't let them hit each other in the face with pirate swords or throw balls in the house. They aren't allowed to eat in the living room or fight on the stairs. I don't let them out in the yard unsupervised and they aren't permitted to use the stove, but when it comes to structure or schedules I figure they will get that stuff in abundance once they start Kindergarten next

Yes, part of it has to do with my underlying laziness, but just as much of it has to do with the fact that this is just the way I like to live.

My children have the rest of their lives to worry about about due dates and regimens. For now they are just kids with a lot of unstructured playtime (which is supposed to be good for imagination and social development anyway) and it works for us. They are good kids with good manners that are quickly learning how to think for themselves. What more could I ask for?

* our4monkeys has become more laid back with each child.

* Texas Monkey didn't do any of these slacker things. Not one.

* mmm Slacker Fudge.

*Chris's son went to school in his pajamas, totally by accident of course.

Are there more laid back slacker moms than there are type A spreadsheet moms?

If you're a laid back slacker type of mom, share a story that supports that claim. If you aren't, then you should go visit Rita's post and leave your story linked in her post.

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