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Recently I went to visit my sister and got to spend some time with my lovely nieces. I am clearly biased but these two are seriously the two cutest little girls that I have ever seen! And since I can't show you pictures to convince you I will have to tell you a few things I learned that day and you can judge for yourself:


1. Always Always And Forever Wear Pink Tights!


I really shouldn't be explaining this one to you but if you are a bit confused you will understand why this is the most important rule to remember in a second - keep reading.


2. Running is Cool


The Couch 2 5K plan that Auntie is doing is not cool. After all where is the fun in running so you can finish 30 minutes of slow but uninterrupted jogging? That's boring and of course you need great music or some other distraction to get you through the dullness. Nope, that is no way to enjoy running because you see, running is only fun if you 1) are running away from someone (preferably while at the same time giggling uncontrollably) or 2) are running to catch butterflies (or as my bilingual nieces call them - papillons). Butterflies are fast and change direction fast thereby making you train on uneven terrain (providing extra training for various wiggly areas of our midsections). And since you are running to catch the butterfly you have to give it your all, run as quick as the wind!




And then when you get bored or distracted (much more common) in 15 seconds and a total of 2 metres down the road ... well, just stop. No guilt, after all you were not running to complete a silly plan - no, you were running to catch a butterfly. The minute you see a pretty flower you absolutely have to stop and pick it. Butterflies are pretty but everyone knows that flowers are better.



3. Be Kind




Now obviously all flowers are pretty and if there is only one around then you should probably keep it for yourself. But since it is spring and flowers are everywhere just be kind. Pick some and give them to the people you love - like Auntie. She will love the flower so much but since you know that she is careless and might accidentally drop it a few minutes later just keep an eye on it and remind her every 2 minutes that you gave her this flower and will she take it with her to Zurich?


4. Be Explicit in What You Love (PINK) and People Will Bring You Presents You Love



A pink puppy covered in real diamonds!




And a pink diamond ring! Good, you have been explicit about what you like and what you don't like and people deliver. The only issue is that you now have to make sure others don't steal your gifts (like for example your mother who seems to love the pink diamond ring as much as you and is trying to convince you to lend it to her for her next work meeting). If others like and want your stuff tell them politely that they cannot have it and then make sure you tell their husband to buy them a huge pink diamond ring. If that doesn't work and people are still trying to take your stuff just take it and run (preferably while giggling uncontrollably).


5. Always Introduce Your New Friends To Your Old Friends


Think about it - it would be so much more fun if you could all hang out together. Plus, bears and pandas must get along well - they are both bears, right? And if for some reason they don't hit it off ... well you can all just stare and admire the pink sparkly puppy.



6. Be A Good Hostess


When someone comes to visit you in your home make sure you prepare a meal from scratch. No need to go crazy and cook for hours in advance. In fact, remember that cooking is a great social activity so you can prepare the meal while your friend is enjoying a coffee. That way you can catch up and they can help you in the preparation. Everybody wins!


If your guests insist that they are not hungry when you share the recipe, politely assure them that they will love the meal, ignore their protests and proceed with cooking.


A SALAD (raw, vegan and gluten free)






Preparation Time: 45 minutes


Cooking Time: 1 hour


Note: You will NEED a plastic knife to be able to prepare this one. If you don't have one in your house (preferably a pink one) shame on you!



1 cucumber


1 red pepper


1 carrot




1. Cut the cucumber into small pieces using your pink plastic knife.


2. Cut the pepper into small pieces. If the pink plastic knife doesn't cut very well then just rip the pepper into chunks.


3. Find someone with access to an actual knife to cut the carrot into small chunks for you because as beautiful as the pink plastic knife is it will just not work here. While they are cutting you can sing

for them.


Phew, ok by now probably 45 minutes have passed but you are almost ready!


4. Soak the veggies into water for about an hour so they can "cook" properly.


5. Add a splash of oil and stir well. Serve immediately.



For Kids (1) Click There ----> CLICKETY CLICK

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