Kiddie Art: Watercolors with Glue and Salt

5 years ago
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Welp, it's exactly mid-January, and unless you live in Hawaii, there's a good chance you're getting as stir crazy as we've been around here.


A quick recap:

We moved during the last week of December.

Unpacked for a week or so.

Eliza got sick and took Liv with her, so we were home-bound while Duff was out of town for 4 nights.

We all got better, and the sky dumped rain, rain, and more rain on us for another full week.

Which brings us  to...ah, yes. Today.


What are we to do in this, the bleak midwinter?


(You might want to sit down for this.)


We got crafty. I know! Me? Us? I didn't even have paint until I planned our Advent activities, and then I didn't even use it for that!


I've discovered that my kids will sit and paint or color for at least 30 minutes, if not longer. And that's fun for all of us.


So last week, I took to Pinterest and let the ladies paint some canvases for the playroom walls. We used this basic method from Ari at I was really excited about how they turned out!



I read a few blogs about how to do this, and was a little confused about the order. Glue before paint or paint before glue?


We went with paint before glue. Lots of watercolor paint (just the Crayola pack in that first picture), and I tried to encourage her to use lots of bright, saturated color. She didn't want to do blue or purple, she wanted to do "ALL THE COLORS!" So it ended up mostly brown. Then, while it was still wet, she drizzled glue (Elmer's). I helped move the canvas around under the bottle. And then she immediately sprinkled regular table salt all over it. The glue and the salt add have a really cool effect on the paint, and it gets better as they dry.


Eliza watched with a suspicious eye, and although she acted happy to be coloring and playing with the glue stick, I think she may have tried to eat her feelings. In markers.



I let Wywa do one the next day, and then Liv did a third. We let them dry overnight, then hung them in the playroom. Both girls love having something they made on display! Liv shows everyone and even Eliza walks in and points to them. Not all kid art is worth keeping (Mom of the Year, here) but these are endearing and fun. A great solution for a house of stir-crazy tinies!


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