Kaija Mae, how she came and triumphed.

3 years ago

A little over a year ago we were pregnant with our second daughter. About 31weeks pregnant. I noticed so much swelling in my feet and legs, so much so that my feet would be purple by the end of the day. Thinking to myself, "It must be because your on your feet all day." I carried on with life anticipating my last 9 weeks of pregnancy. 

At 33weeks 4days I went in to a routine check up and told my doctor about my swelling, searching for any type of relief. She gave some tips and tricks to keep the swelling under control and proceeded to feel my belly searching for the position of the baby. 
A concerned look grew upon her face as she reaches for the measuring tape. 
As I stare at her skeptically she softly says. 
"You are quite swollen and measuring quite large. You are measuring at 36 weeks. I think we should send you in for an ultrasound just to see where the baby is. "
She didn't have any sense of urgency to her, but I immediately did. 
I had to have this ultrasound and I had to have it now. 
As soon as we were finished I hopped in my truck and called the booking line. The lady on the other end said she couldn't get me in for a month. A whole month. I then explained to her that I needed to have it right away, I'm sure she could tell by my voice that I was a mom that just had a "feeling" and as any other mother knows, you don't underestimate a mothers instinct. So she called a place and was able to squeeze me in for the next afternoon. 
I thanked her profusely and headed off to work. I prayed and prayed for everything to be alright and that I was just over reacting. I prayed for peace. Oh boy did I ever pray for peace because my panic mode was setting into cruise control. 
The next morning I woke up with ease, I had felt much better about the whole situation and thought that I was just over reacting. This morning was a great morning. I spent it cuddling with Kenadie and getting ready. My plan was to get my hair cut, go have an ultrasound and get another peek at my sweet unborn babe then head off to work with some Peters drive Thru in hand. 
How could you beat that? 
So off I went,  I got my hair cut (which was phenomenal by the way) then jetted off to my ultrasound appointment. 
Our clinic was at the Foothills hospital in the McCaid building. The technician we had was pretty rad. She reminded me of a friend of mine. Tattoos all over, sick piercings and the funkiest hair. It was refreshing to see "someone like that" in this field of work. So we hung out. Oohing and Aahing at this beautiful silhouette of a chubby little babe in my oversized belly. Oh her profile was beautiful. Then she stuck out her tongue... Holy moly I swear she licked her eyeball with it. She's giving Gene Simmons a run for his money. But everything was great. She was perfect, or so I thought. Turns out this technician is very good at not letting you know there is something wrong while she is gliding that icky gooey stick over you. 
She smiles, gets up and whispers, 
"I'll be back. I just need to go get the doctor." 
Five minutes go by and the doctor steps in and takes over. I guess we're not done looking at our girl. When he finished he tells me to get dressed and proceed to another room. At this point Brent had come and were sitting in the room together. Waiting... Impatiently. 
The Doctor comes in , sits down and softly yet sternly says, 
"There's something wrong with your baby.." 
I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing at that point. For how long? I'm not sure. This is where things start to get blurry as it all happened so fast. 
He proceeds with, 
"There is an excess of fluid in her abdomen and skin. And an excess of fluid in your abdomen as well. We will need to send you to Foothills Hospital for further ultrasounds and investigation." 
There was more conversation between Brent and the doctor because of course, knowing Brent, he is full of questions. But I don't remember how any of that went because all I was thinking was, "Shut up and let's go so we can get this figured out. There's nothing wrong with my baby. There can't be. Stuff like that doesn't happen to you. It happens to other people." 
We scurried over to the hospital afterwards. We got in for ultrasounds and I was then admitted. They told us that I would have to be on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. 
"Oh hell no. I can't. I have to work and take care of my daughter. There is no way I am laying in this hospital bed for two months. Nuh-uh. No way. Not going to happen. " 
Our doctor then got very stern with me. 
"I don't think you quite understand how serious this is. Your daughter has a very slim chance of survival. We need to monitor you at all times and have frequent ultrasounds everyday. 
I think this is when the shock facter hit us. This is real. This is serious. This is happening. Now. 
We then sat in silence. What do we say? What can we say? We have zero control, why is this happening to us? So the best thing to do was to pray. 
I think this was the first time we have ever prayed together as a couple. Even though the reasoning wasn't great, it felt, nice. I had a sense of calming knowing that I would have Brent here with me through even the hardest of times. 
After that, I was very relaxed. I was calm and I felt like whatever was going to happen would be okay. 
About ten minutes afterwards the doctor came back in with news. 
"Change of plans. We have you booked for an emergency C-Section tomorrow morning at 11am. We need to get this baby out because we don't know of she will get any worse and we don't know how to handle it in utero. Of she is out, we will at least be hands on. We thought we could induce labour, but we don't believe she would survive a natural labour. 
Then she left. 
I'm not sure how Brent felt at that point. He went home shortly after so he could hopefully get some sleep before this section. 
I, on the other hand, got zero sleep. I was so uncomfortable and with zero water and food, I was just grumpy. You wouldn't get any sleep if you just thought you were going to die either...
My nurse came in to give me my IV. She hooked up the line and stuck the needle in my arm and a few minutes later she released the flow. I felt it. A cool rush into my veins with a subtle pressure. Pressure? That's new. I asked her, 
"You just released it didn't you?" 
"Yes." She replied. 
" I can feel it. It's like a pressure..." 
This quizzical look came upon her face. 
Then it was there. Ow. Ow. Owie. 
This pain in my chest was excruciating. 
Grabbing my chest I choke out, "This isn't supposed to hurt. I have an awful pain. I can hardly breathe." 
Oh boy, did she start to panic. Ran out of the room screaming and I had five other nurses come rushing in with machines. Mask snapped onto my face. ECG hooked up to my chest. Blood pressure going. I thought I was going to die before I had this baby. Then the pain slowly started to melt away. My breathing returned to it's normal state. Everything was good. 
I guess there was a tiny little air bubble in my line. 
I am forever scared when I get IV's. So after that, it was quite hard to fall asleep. 
When I did finally fall asleep I was promptly woken up to be taken to an ultrasound. I believe this was around 7am. And let me tell you, this was the worst ultrasound ever. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life. But after they did that ultrasound, they knew she had to come out. It was time. 
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