Justin Bieber Didn't Ruin the Christmas Musical...This Year.

I could just imagine it:

All the other kids singing their parts and doing the hand-motions. Sawyer, doing his own thing, approaches a microphone. No, I'm thinking. No. No. NO. NO. 

And then:  "As long as you lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ove me..."

Then I am the one on display as every other good parent in the sanctuary who probably never lets their 4-year-old listen to Justin Bieber turns to look at me with horror and disgust.  They already suspected I was a bad parent because my kids sometimes show up to church with no shoes and dirty faces. Now that my kid has ruined the Christmas musical with Justin Bieber (even if it was pitch-perfect), I am confirmed the worst parent in church.

This is the kind of thing I really and truly feared this year, the year Sawyer was finally old enough to take part in our children's Christmas musical. Every year this is a huge and great production that takes place during the church service. With cute songs and the message of Christmas, it is at the same time cute, hilarious, and poignant.

Sawyer was really excited to be up on stage with his cousins and had the songs memorized ages ago. But he also has memorized EVERY song he has heard recently. Which might, ahem, include a little Biebs.  And maybe some "Call Me Maybe." Maybe.  I had this very real fear that Sawyer would do everything I imagined in my scenario. He can be really shy sometimes and hang back, but he can also go wild and go his own way.

So color me surprised when Sawyer did a fantastic job in the musical. No sign of questionable pop icons anywhere. While he may have been a total beat behind on every hand motion and couldn't seem to sing AND do the motions, he followed directions and did what he was supposed to do for the entire musical. What!

Because I'm his mom, I also think he was adorable. Especially the minute and a half when he got something in his eye and stood there rubbing his eye and trying to signal to me that his eye was bothering him while the other kids sang about how hard it is to wait for Christmas. He also might have picked his nose a little. (But the upside is he did not eat it. Boy moms--and maybe girl moms?--you know that's an upside.)

I'm not ruling out the possibility of Sawyer going rogue in a musical to come. But Rob and I were those parents all grinning and goofy at our kid in the second row, raising his hand ten seconds too late.



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