Just words. But good words.

4 years ago

Last night we geeked in the new year by finishing up watching Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.  This was a-okay with me as I have loved Star Trek since eighth grade and had never seen Wrath of Khan.  I'm a fan of quotes too and last night these few lines of dialogue really struck a chord with me.


David Marcus: You knew enough to tell Saavik that how we face death is at least as important as how we face life. 

Kirk: Just words. 

 David Marcus: But good words. That's where ideas begin. Maybe you should listen to them.


I've kind of fallen for the idea of picking a word, or a few words, to express hopes and dreams for the next year instead of making a resolution (or multiple resolutions).  That might be (read: is) because I've seen myself break multiple resolutions.  After years of this, I'm wary of the almost inevitable failure that often accompanies my resolutions. (Don't get me wrong, if resolutions work for you, go for it.)


But I'd like to think that it's less of that, and more that I just like the open-ended possibilities that come by taking a long deep 365 day dive into a concept.  Admittedly, there's a lot of ambiguity in defining 'success' when doing the resolution thing this way, but perhaps it's more the journey that matters. I'm a process person.  At least, I'm in the process of becoming a process person. (For a type A overachiever, that alone should be considered a success! At least I deserve a coffee!)


So 2013. I want it to be about style, sense and serenity.  I'm still in the middle of letting those ideas percolate, and trying to define what I really mean by them, but here's a glimpse of where I'm at so far.


Style - I don't really have one.  I've always let this slide, but I'm beginning to wonder if (read: am pretty much convinced that) I'm just lazy. When it comes to clothes and my house decor I just haven't bothered to put in the time to figure those things out.  I'm also very aware that I'm turning 35 this year so maybe it's time to get a move on that. All of you fine people with a well defined/refined sense of style, feel free to jump on the bandwagon and help a girl out here!


The only thing I do have a style in is when I'm writing.  I love writing and I love how I write.  That said, I'm also lazy about writing. I love to write but it's work.  Organizing my thoughts, then finding time to type them out and then putting them out there for others to read...well, I'm lazy and scared.


Lazy and scared are two words I'd really rather not have defining 2013 for me.


Sense - There's a lot of knowledge and wonder and brilliant thoughts out there.  On December 31st, I'd love to be able to say I've hunted some of it down, stumbled across more of it, and spent some time really soaking in other people's knowledge this year. Life with a one-almost-two year old is a huge learning experience, but I'd love to spend some time learning things that don't directly relate with the day to day survival of a stay at home mom.


Serenity - Every parent knows how life with kids can go from serene in one minute to stupidly stressful the next.  Kids are little chaos monsters (I say this lovingly) who go around spewing bedlam.  Sometimes I'm removed enough from the moment to realize how great that is, how much joy and life there is to be found in these experiences with the Little Miss.  Other times, well, let's just say there are other times and leave it at that.  Serenity seems more than just a momentary calm, it seems like it should be a state of existence. I'd like to find that state of existence a lot more often in 2013.


In my head I've broken this category down into 'simplicity' and 'space'... and I'll deal with what that means more when I figure it out myself.


So for the next 365 days, I'm inviting you to come with me as I take a long deep dive into these concepts.  I'm committed to writing more often this year (style, style, style) as I explore, experience and reflect on my words.


So, what could make this better?  I want to hear from you.  Monologues are fun. Dialogues are better.  There's more complexity there, more to be learned and experienced if you're on this trip with me - which is exactly why I want you here.  Tell me - any suggestions for how I go about exploring my words? Or, more interestingly, do you have a word (or a few words) for 2013?  If so, what are they?



2013...Come with me.  It'll be fun.

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