Just When Your Faith In People Is Fading

6 years ago
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Just when your faith in people is fading, something extraordinary happens to renew it. 

My husband and I stopped on the way home to get a few grocery items. We had been gone all day and we were all tired and our 4 year old was acting cranky. 

My husband gave me the keys and I proceeded to take our four year old to the car while my husband waited in the long checkout lane. 

Later he told me when we got home that the lady in front of him paid for our groceries, even though he tried to object. 

She said, "God bless you" and paid for them anyway. My husband said, "God bless you too", gave her a hug and she walked away. 

Thanks to that angel we changed our attitude from one of weariness to gratefulness. 

It was a sweet reminder. Time for us to do in kind - pay it forward.

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