Just When You Thought a Massage Couldn't Get Any Better!

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Spa Pocket Massage WellnessDo you L-O-V-E to get a professional massage but H-A-T-E putting your face into the face cradle of the massage table or chair?  If so, you're just like me and a lot of other people who cringe when it comes time to smooch our faces into that small space where so many other people have been (I call it the NO ZONE!).  After working in the medical field for 15 years, the one thing I know for sure is the medical fact that most germs are transmitted through our eyes, nose, and mouth.  Yet, when it comes time to get a professional massage, we do one of the most unhealthy things we can possibly do by putting our faces directly into the face cradle! While spas change their linens between customers, it simply isn't enough to protect you from lingering germs left behind by other customers who have coughed, sneezed, drooled, etc., in the exact same face cradle space.  Exposed areas of the massage table and the face cradle hardware are breading grounds for germs.  But it doesn't have to be a concern anymore!  Today, yes today, a brand new product came onto the market called Spa Pocket!  It is the coolest new product I've seen in a long time and you can only get one at the online store SpaPocket.com.  It's a personal, soft and luxurious face cradle cover that you take with you when you get your massage!  They are made of a wonderfully comfortable minky fabric to put your face on that's guaranteed to never have had anyone's face on it but yours!  The pocket hangs down and provides a clean barrier between your mouth/chin area and the massage table and exposed hardware.  The pocket can also be used to store personal items in during your massage, such as aromatherapy, tissue (I always get stopped up when I'm face down during a massage), phone, earbuds for listening to your favorite music or podcast while getting your massage, jewelry, etc.  Then, after your massage, the entire unit folds up nicely into the pocket and closes with a drawstring, which makes it easy to store in your purse or clothing pocket.  They are also all machine wash/dry.  The only problem will be deciding which of the beautiful colors you want your Spa Pocket to be, because they come in a variety of fabulous colors, too!  Spa Pocket is the most exciting new product I've seen in a long time and I plan to give one to all my friends and family members for either birthday or holiday gift this year!  And I want one in three of the colors for myself!  Check them out at SpaPocket.com and get yours before the holiday rush and they sell out! 

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