Joovy Nook Oh How I Love Thee

4 years ago


I am up late tonight blogging even though I should be sleeping because I wanted to share my  Joovy Nook Review!


I have been doing this whole parenting thing for a  l o n g time now – almost 10 years worth of baby items have come and go through my house. I have seen products get banned for safety issues, watched products morph into combined products for convenience and seen products make updates to make my life easier.

Every once in a while I come across a baby item that makes me want to have ALL the babies and the Joovy Nook Highchair is one of them for sure.

When I first got a look at this highchair at The Baby Ladies Baby Shower I was in love. I couldn’t stop touching the leather like seat material. The color(green) was very eye catching without being obnoxious.

I almost peed my pants when I won this baby at the end of the shower!

It showed up a few days ago and it has already made it to the top of my must have baby item list.

First of all can we say HOLY EASY SET UP BATMAN?!

It came in a squarish box and a rather small one so I figured I would need to ignore the

gigantic spiders in our garage to get a handful of tools.

But NO

I pulled it out of the box, plastic and cardboard corners and unfolded…


Highchair DONE!


Literally D O N E

It looks nice and all and it was easy to set up but products have tricked me with good looks and easy assembly before…

Would it make it through a lunch and dinner with Dodger? 

Before we get to real life, real mess photos of Dodge lets talk about a few key features I really love about the Nook.

You have been there, baby is screaming for food like they haven’t eaten in days and you are faced with put them down and have them freak out even more or struggle to take the tray off the highchair while holding the baby like a football.

Nook has officially changed your life. With a single button swinging tray option you can hold baby and open tray all at once.


See how I demonstrate taking a photo while opening tray -


*pardon my Henna*

057 058

Look at me all Vanna White style.

I love that!

My other favorite feature? The tray within the tray. This made clean up so easy! It simply pulls up and it comes right out and then you snap it back in when needed.


Ok here we go – 2 meals + 1 messy baby = possible disaster size clean up?

First lets look at my adorable baby eating his snack. mmmmmm yummy.062

He enjoyed (after nursing) puffs, wagon wheels and bread…yeah he eats a lot.  063

Now if your kid eat puffs or wagon wheels you know why these are a huge test. Their texture turns them into these mushy star and wheel shaped stickers that adhere themselves onto whatever surface they touch like a starfish clinging for dear life on an aquarium glass wall. It is so gross trying to clean them off of highchair or ecosaucer material, onesies, your shirt, your hair(you know you have been there).

Here is the chair after his meal.


I gathered 4 wipes – the usual amount for a clean up like this.

Guess how many I actually used?


So nice!

The material wiped right up and I had no sticking issues at all.

I then one handedly lifted the tray out and dumped it using the same single wipe to clean and


Here is Dodger later that night eating his first bites of ice cream – he is clearly impressed.

049 050 088

Once again – one wipe later and the chair was clean.

Look I have 4 kids and two jobs so spending over 10 mins to clean a baby accessory is annoying. I need fast and simple.

You can get The Joovy Nook in four really chic colors and it retails for 149.99. Oh and did I mention if you choose ground you can get free shipping? How great is that?

So that’s it a real life encounter with The Joovy Nook. Now go buy one – like right now for real! Thank you Joovy for making my life easier, my kid happy, and for making a super chic & super functional highchair. If I have baby number five I shall name it Nook ;)

What is on your must have baby item list? Leave a comment with your top 3!



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