It's That Time of the Holidays

3 years ago

It's that time of the holidays - when cabin fever begins to kick in and other people start to get on your nerves (or is that just me?)

'I really feel like you need to go out,' I say to my husband.

'You mean you want the house to yourself?' he grumbles slightly, not fooled  by my claims to be worried about his well-being, but agrees he probably needs the exercise. Stepson is at his Mum's for his second Christmas, and my daughter was going to go out to a friend's but decided she wouldn't bother. I decided to try to get her to tidy her room, but then decided that I wouldn't bother.

My brain is finally getting the message from my body that putting a Baileys Irish Cream into every single coffee you drink, just because your stepson bought you a bottle for Christmas and it tastes nice, does not make you big and clever (well, not clever anyway).

My brain and body are so sluggish today that this is all I can muster in the name of a blog-post, and I am close to enforcing a walk up to the top of Holcombe Hill, the windiest place in Lancashire.

Holcombe Hill, Lancashire, Peel Monument, walks in Lancs
Holcombe Hill, the windiest place in Lancashire
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This is probably further evidence that I have turned into my mother, who used to march me along the seafront of Northumberland every Boxing Day, telling me to stop complaining, as the wind from the North Sea sandpapered my face.

'It's refreshing,' she would say and I would roll my eyes and continue to complain (but out of earshot). Yet now, I feel the need for some refreshment (other than another Baileys with ice)...

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