It's Time to Buy the Kids Easter Outfits! But Where Are All the Boys' Clothes?

4 years ago

Easter is less than a month away, which means it's time to shop! Every year, I got a new Easter dress and sometimes even a matching purse. A few times, I rocked an awesome hat. I am the lucky mother to two amazing little boys. I love to dress them up nicely on Easter (and other holidays, really). As they've aged out of baby and toddler clothes, I find myself cringing every year I have to find something for them to wear. Why? I get pretty peeved that little girls have eleventy billion dresses to choose from and we get two shirts in four colors, a tie, and a hat. Sigh.

Let's see what the stores are offering for boys and girls this year, shall we?



At first glance, Gymboree's girls' and boys' spring dressy offerings don't look that different. The girls have 29 offerings, the boys 25. Not too shabby, right? At closer look, the differences become obvious. The girls, save for a few pastel casual pieces, have dress after dress after different frilly little dress.

The boys, while seemingly offering the same amount of choice, offer the same couple of shirts in two or three colors, the same pair of pants in three colors, the same pair of shorts in four colors, and a blazer. Gee, that's really offering lots of choice there, Gymboree.

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I like Crazy 8 because it's like Gymboree, but slightly cheaper. The rest of the year, I have great luck with Crazy 8 in finding fun and even dressier clothing that holds up to my boys' roughhousing. Not this Easter.

The girls have five spring dress up outfits...

...while the boys only have three. And one features a pair of jeans. (Though that green and gray striped sweater? Lovin' it!)


Children's Place

We hit Children's Place mostly for play clothes as their cotton is so soft, but I've had some luck here and there for holiday wear. 2014 seems to be a strike out though.

The girls have a large number of dresses to choose from, the image below is just a small (but pretty!) sampling.

The boys? Plaid shirts. A vest. A blazer. Some pastel button ups. And a hat. Nothing new.


Old Navy

Old Navy is hit or miss for us, minus jeans. This year they seem to be a miss for both boys and girls.

Their Easter "dressy" stuff for girls isn't very dressy.

Neither for the boys. A tie screen printed onto a shirt does not a dressy shirt make. That straw Fedora though? Swag.

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Ruum has become a go-to for boys' shopping as they seemingly work really hard to offer a wide selection of fun, dressy, functional, and sturdy clothing for boys. When I go to the store, the difference between what's offered for girls and boys isn't usually glaringly obvious. Usually. When I stopped in to check their (awesome!) clearance rack last week, the outlandish number of girls' frilly dresses made my jaw drop.

While not all are specifically for Easter, Ruum has 38 dresses online right now. 38.

The boys? Well, there's some fun colors. But it's still argyle and polos, a hat and a blazer. Sigh.


My boys? Well, one is wearing a hand-me-down shirt and pants. The shirt happens to be a soft blue color. While in Ruum last week, I grabbed a clearance button up in a different but complementary blue for the older brother. I will keep my eye out for some fun ties, maybe hitting up Etsy because I want something slightly different than the same-old, every year, regurgitated crap in a different color. Ahem.

What are your kids wearing this Easter? (PS: Shop now. This stuff will sell out by mid-April. Trust me.)


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