It was his day

6 years ago

Fourteen years ago today, Sam came into our lives. He was absolutely adorable and still is for that matter. I might be biased.

I’m his mother, I’m allowed. :D

Truth be told, he was horrible as a baby. I love him dearly but he was colicky, difficult and never slept. Fortunately, he grew out of most of that, and 14 years later he has become a fine young man.

I almost typed “Fine Young Cannibal” just now! Ha ha! Great group from the 80’s.  And how fitting that one of their biggest songs was “Drives Me Crazy!”

This just proves how tired I am after Sam’s day of celebrating. I’m cracking myself up over 80’s music references. That's tired!

Forgive me.

Back to the birthday boy.

Sam requested that, for his birthday, we go to Singapore's Sentosa Island so we could do a few more of the rides at Universal Studios, making use of our seasons passes, and then head towards the Mega Zip Adventure Park.

No problem, it’s his day. Off we go.

We did the rides and had lunch and then found our way to the zip line/adventure park. What do you know? It’s Sam’s lucky day - you can do any activity or all of them for free if it’s your birthday. We pull out his ID and sign ourselves up for the whole package. Why not? Sam gets in free!

Now, I would have just signed us up for the zip line part but oh no, no, we go for the whole shabang...

1. Climb Max
2. The North Face
3. Para Jump
4. Mega Zip Line

We got ourselves outfitted in the gear and headed out to the Climb Max.

Now, this is an obstacle course that is several stories in the air. We were given the option of going on either level one, two or three but you can only go around once.

Level one sounds good. Right? It’s for beginners, like us, who have never done this before.

But it doesn’t look as exciting as the other two levels and really, how hard can they be? And we only get to go around once. Let’s do level two!

Now, that last part was not what was running through my head. That’s what my family was saying. I should stop listening to my family.

You are snapped onto the safety line so you can’t really fall off this thing but that doesn’t really make you feel better when you are up in the air, wobbling on a tiny wire, hanging onto ropes for dear life.

I’m not sure you can actually even see it, but at this point, I’m still smiling. The course isn’t so bad, challenging at moments but totally doable. My smile fades at I get to the corner and the obstacle ahead is either completely ridiculous or outright insane.

And, at times, it was both.

What’s worse? My three boys whip through the Climb Max section and then stand underneath to “cheer” me on.

Great. An audience kibitzing from below.  That’s just what I need.

Looking behind me, my husband didn’t look too pleased either. At least I’m in good company!

I remember getting to one platform and hugging the pole, so grateful to be on something that wasn’t moving. I was extremely hot, I was drenched in sweat, my hands were sore and my arms were tense from, oh, I don't know...hanging on for dear life! I glanced down, looked my birthday boy right in the eye and said...

“Sam, I love you, but right now...YOU SUCK!”

And he just smiled his adorable smile at me and kept on “cheering” me on.

How many times can you hear “you can do it, mom!” before it starts to sound patronizing?

Oddly...not that many.

After the obstacle course, you are supposed to move on to the North Face. It’s a five story rock wall climb.

Ummm...yeah, I don’t think so. My hands are still curled into tight little balls from hanging onto the ropes. There will be no 5 story climb just yet.

The boys were happy to do it, though.  Good for them. I’ll just take photos, thank you very much! I completely missed getting a shot of my oldest son. I must have still been kissing the ground when he was on the wall.

Next up, the Para Jump.  Otherwise known as the 'Leap of Faith.'

Doesn’t sound good, does it? It’s not.

It’s basically a cross between bungy jumping and sky diving. See! It really doesn’t sound good at all!

You are at the 5th story of the tower and they strap you onto the safety line.  You walk out onto the platform and you are supposed to just step off and gently land 15 meters below (with nothing to hang on to.)

THERE’S NO FREAKING WAY!!! OMG, I’m not doing that!

Oh, but wait.

What actually happens is this...the first 3.5 floors are basically a free fall. After that the line gradually slows you to a stop. There’s no bouncing back up, thank God, you just land at the bottom with very little impact.

Unless you are like me and completely lose your footing at the bottom and land...on your ass. Completely ungraceful.

Yes, I did the leap of faith.  ONCE, and never, ever again.

The things I will do for my children. They have NO idea.

Last, but definitely not least, the Mega Zip Line. The thing that actually brought us out here to begin with. This, I have no problem with. I’ve done it before in Jamaica with much sketchier equipment. This is just....longer.

View from the top of the zip line.I know you can’t tell but the zip line actually stops at the island across that little stretch of water. It’s about 450 meters to the bottom of the line. Amazing, isn’t it?

The boys went first,all together, and then my husband and I followed. It was fantastic! This, if you ever come to Singapore, I highly recommend. The Climb Max and Para Jump...not so much.You’ve been warned and pursue them at your own risk. However, the Mega Zip Line is amazing and a must do.

After we finished with the zip line and returned our gear, we headed back to the monorail to go home. Well, not before we stopped off at Häagen-Daz for some ice cream (or mango sorbet) to help cool down. I think Sam would agree, he had a great day!

I might have been just short of a having a heart attack on several occasions but he had a great day.

Happy Birthday little man!

OK, so he’s 14 and not so little anymore. Mother’s prerogative. I’ll call him that until...

Until I don’t feel like it anymore.

I still like it. :D

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