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5 years ago

…..the bright piercing light was
enough to blind my eyes, as his shiny guitar angled itself perfectly to hit the
light above and bounce it back on to me. Not a single chair in the entire room
was filled, as everyone was standing full of emotion. Eyes closed you could
feel the powerful emotion fill your heart with love and your eyes with tears of

This particular night at church we
were excited to hear the testimony of an Army (once Marine) soldier. His story
was one of sadness, tragedy, adventure, perseverance, and ultimately joy. I
know all of us have a soft spot in our hearts for our military and their
families, but hearing from a man who has given his whole life to the lord after
such turmoil and devastation is so electrifying and motivating. He spoke for
about 30 minutes, which to me flew by like 5 minutes. Through his laughter,
sadness and tears he spoke from his heart to hundreds of strangers about his
darkest secrets, largest burdens and biggest triumphs. You could hear a pin
drop in the church everyone was so in tune with what the soldier had to say.
After he was through speaking the applause in the sanctuary carried throughout
the church, how inspiring he was and is to us all. Once the applause came to a
silence, our worship team took the stage. They began to sing, and as I was
glancing over at the soldier whom was limping off stage (from being wounded in
battle), in full uniform, cane in his right hand bible in his left he sat in
the row next to Jeremiah and myself. His story told us of how he had been
wounded and what a battle it was for him to not walk in pain, keeping that in
mind, I watched him painfully crouch down in much discomfort and fell to his
knees. I was so emotionally taken by this man that I couldn’t stop staring,
watching him on his knees, knowing how painful it was for him, and seeing how
much he loved God and all he had done for him, even loved him for all the bad
that made him who he is today. Singing and worshiping from his knees, eyes
shut, arms open, I instantly burned that sight and moment into my head forever

~This had taken place months ago, and I still get a flash back daily every time I think my life isn’t going
the way it should. How selfish am I…this man has been literally through hell
and back and only gives all the glory to God. I am truly inspired by this man.~

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