Indoor Games: Inspiration vs Reality

3 years ago

Last week, Edmonton went into a deep freeze - reaching as low as -42 Celsius, with wind-chill. (That's -107 Fahrenheit for my non-metric readers). A near-by town even won the crown of coldest place on earth. Needless to say, I didn't venture too far with the children.

So, what to do with 2 toddlers inside ALL day, for a few days? I took to the Internet and created a list of fun indoor games to play.

Side Bar: Have you heard of PinterestFail? People submit their Pinterest inspiration, along with what they actually created, often with the caption 'Nailed it'. For example, this entry from October 11:

Inspiration vs Reality








And so I began:

adult-helped-fort-ictcropgal-marklundcrpdInspirationToday's Parent 9 Creative Indoor Forts: create an indoor fort for your kids. Setting up the fort itself is a game, and then have a picnic in it.

Reality: I couldn't even get the fort set up. Every time I tried to attach a sheet to anything, my toddlers rolled in it, played peek-a-boo with it, ran around with it while the other one chased him...
I have the tunnel pictured here, but while I was trying to stack pillows it got filled with trucks. As I emptied the trucks, my kids dissolved into the pillows in fits of laughter. Today's Parent 1. Laughing Mom: 0.

057Inspiration: Duct tape roadway. Soon after I saw this online, a girlfriend of mine posted a video of her sweet little boy and a friend of his happily playing on the duct tape road. Easy set up, easy take down, hours of fun. Sold.

Reality: AC loves trucks and trains and train tracks and driving his cars in the kitchen. Just not on the tape Mum laid out. Both kids dutifully watched me set up the roads, grabbed a car, and 'drove' on the road. For 8 seconds. I keep encouraging them to get a truck or a car and drive with Mummy, but it goes nowhere fast.

imagesInspiration: Sensory Tables. Google-ing these words will bring you 100s of ideas. You can buy actual tables, but a large Tupperware container does the trick. I started with Rice Krispies as I had a jumbo box in the cupboard, and we don't really eat them. I added in digger trucks, flatbed trucks and sand toys.

Reality: Technically, it worked. The kids were kept busy for almost an hour. However, what none of the pictures online show you is the floor around the sensory table. I ended up with more cereal on the floor than in the container. And then it got stepped on.
I also tried to use shaving cream. The smell was overwhelming, kids got it in their eyes....and I forgot to tell my husband we used up his entire can. My advise: Stick with dry goods that an be vaccumed.

Inspiration: Colouring crafts: a cardboard box. With Christmas right around corner I have a bounty of empty shipping boxes in my garage. I put one together, pulled out the crayons, and let the creativity begin.

Reality. Even I didn't see this one coming. I hadn't even made it to the kitchen to clean up breakfast when I heard loud banging noises followed by KC screaming with delight. I peaked in on the kids to see my oldest stabbing the box with a crayon, creating holes in it. My youngest then took his crayons and plopped them into the holes, declaring "All gone" as each one disappeared. Once out of crayons, they both crawled into the box to retrieve the crayons, divided them up, and the game continued. This kept them occupied for long enough that I eventually had to replace the box with a new one as the first one had so many holes it was falling apart.


kids-ciInspiration: Get the kids involved in fun, new games, to help pass the cold winter days.

Reality: We played peek-a-boo, had a pillow fight, dumped Rice Krispies all over the floor and picked them up with digger trucks (and a broom), and pulverized a cardboard box.

Nailed it. 

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