Senior Year Hollers: Avoiding Bankruptcy and Using Common Sense

5 years ago
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I rarely make political or holler posts. I'm breaking the tradition to get a few things off my chest regarding high school seniors. I'm a parent of five children, four graduates and the man-child due to exit those learned halls this year. I would have to say I am fairly qualified to air some observations on some illogical processes of our local school system.

I'm going to label this part of my holler session, "How to bankrupt your family before your graduate:"

Senior Portraits Holler:

Why on God's green earth is so much emphasis put on a senior picture? Have people not been taking snapshots of their kids throughout the year. I almost had a mild coronary when the man-child showed me pricing from his "senior sitting." $400 for a package of pictures that I could have done at Wal-Mart for $5.95. Is the school out of their minds to think the average family can afford that? Oh I forgot, they contracted with some company and could care the hell less if some kids are unable to purchase any. I for one can't afford that.

My Solution:
1- If you get Free lunch then you get Free portraits.
2- Have a student who is good in Photography take pictures and sell them for $25/CD.

Yearbook Holler:

Amy Jo Johnson

The man-child told me yearbooks are $90.00. I asked him if he was joking. Nope. That's as much as a Steinbeck limited edition book. So I skip my electric bill this month so he can buy a book full of faces. I told him to screenshot his friends from Facebook and I'll put together a PDF -- for free.

My Solution:
1- If you are an honor student, you get one free. Hard work pays off.
2- Do X amount of community service hours for your senior year, you get one free.

This is my "If I were School Board Mistress for a year" holler::

Classes Holler:

By 12th grade, most kids have met or are only needing a few required classes for graduation. What do they do: fill up the kids schedules with idiotic classes. Man-child is taking woodworking, computer skills and something else so unimportant I forgot its title. He's not going to be a wood carver, has used a computer since age 10 and the other one I forgot.

My Solution:

1- Teach a class on opening/maintaining a bank account, bill paying and applying for jobs. Prepare these kids for the real world and cut the leash to Mommy and Daddy.

2- Make each senior be a mentor to a freshman. Kids listen more to their peers than parents. (Sorry folks, that is fact.)

3- Mandatory Community service hours. If a kid has been coddled by the home front with fancy cars, cell phones and A&E clothes, trust me, they won't have a clue about the real world unless a text bites their behind.

4- Every senior will do a project on a real world solution to a real world problem. Google all the things young people have thought of but had no forum. Youth is the leader of tomorrow; sounds corny but is dead on fact.

5- Do random acts of kindness on a monthly basis and make them supply proof. The world is hard and ugly at times, teach them to see the worth and care of humanity.

I will never claim to have all the answers just because I raised a tribe of children, but I do have lots of common sense. I'm personally glad this is my last year dealing with the 1975 mindset of school boards. As for the kids still growing up, Mom and Dad, you might want to start hollering.


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