If Clothes Make the Man, Bring Out the Light Up Red Cowboy Boots

5 years ago

I rarely argue with my children about their clothing choices. As long as it (pretty much) fits, is clean, and is mostly weather appropriate, I'm down with it. There are a few exceptions -- church, formal events, visiting dignitaries. But, generally, if it covers your business, you're good.

As a result, I have indulged tutus and creative coordinates, costumes as every day wear and repeated wearing of a favorite shirt.

(Though at one point last year, I did suggest to Katie that if she continued to wear a certain shirt over and over again, she would become "that kid," and it would be weird.) I am a big believer in expressing your individuality through your clothing. I'm the girl that wore green satin shortie pajamas to school my junior year (though I insisted they were "lounge wear," and not pajamas. They were totally pajamas.)

The Husband does not share my couture liberalities. He had to run to the Large Home Improvement Store yesterday, and decided to take the two little ones with him. Julia ran off to get dressed, and I took Henry to his room to help him. They ran into the kitchen a little while later, and the Husband took one glance and said "They are not going anywhere like that."

He's Super; 08.21.08Henry was in regular pants and a shirt, accessorized by his Batman/Superman cape (Batman side out, to better coordinate with his shirt). Julia was wearing a Minnie Mouse t-shirt, black capri leggings, and red cowboy boots. That light up.

They looked adorable.

And he must have known it, too, because he just sighed and walked them out to the car.

Our kids are not button down kids. They are not quiet or neat or matchy- matchy. They are crazy and loud and fun, and everything they wear is a reflection of who they are. They are not polo shirts and oxford shoes. They are red cowboy boots, and they light up.

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