I'd never...the parental version

3 years ago

All the things I said I would never do as a parent:

  • My kids will not know what a DVR or On Demand is - nope they are just gonna have to turn on the cartoon channel and hope for the best. This is still way better than I had it. I mean our cartoons were on at a specific time and if we missed it we were S.O.L.  That's why Sunday morning were so freaking awesome (cuz it certainly wasn't church).
  • Make them a special meal. I'm not a short order cook I used to say when I'd see this happen. Today I'm known to whip up a couple of PBJs when dinner is beef stew cuz its easier than listening to the whining. 
  • Sit in the rain to watch a little one play soccer. Don't get me wrong - I'm a soccer players myself but the idea of sitting in the park and watching a group of 5 years old chase a ball sounded awful. But today, the reality is that I love seeing my little one chase down that ball and score a goal - hell I even look forward to practice. OK...maybe the fact that I get a little adult social time at these events helps too.
  • Put up with their bull shit. I mean come on...I'm like your slave around here and I have to deal with this crap. A simple request is often met with a scream of "NOOOOO". This is then met with a timeout - but how many times do we have to do this???
  • Talk to the crazy moms. I don't want to talk to them...but they seek me out - I swear! Just my luck, my son's new soccer team and the head of the PTO is one of the moms. She's crazy!!! Nuts I tell you.  And she seeks me out!!!

Some of things I think I'm doing right:

  • we've got this bedtime thing down pat.  When parents comment of are impressed by our bedtime routine I often get a "wow, your lucky they go to bed so easily". It's not luck. It took alot of work to get this routine down. 
  • Fun/Love/Playtime we do a lot of fun things as a family. For example, tonight my husband planned a camp out fundraiser at his school. He took the two older ones to attend.  We do hang out together a lot - and I love it!!! No matter how crazy things get around here, I end my day with a quick mantra of "they are only this little once". There will be a time that they want to spend Saturday with their friends, not with me...and that will be when I get some time to myself - but for now my weekends are packed with fun family things.
  • wow - i think that is all I have!

What are you doing right???What are you doing wrong??? How can I get better at this mom thing???


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