I Want Another Baby. He Does Not.

7 years ago

What do you do when one spouse wants another child and the other does not? Add advanced maternal age and one fallopian tube to the equation and you have a recipe for disaster. I am an only child and in my ideal world would be the mother of two children. However, my desire may not be fulfilled. My husband is not too keen about having another child, I've heard every excuse from the economy to sleep deprivation and am honestly at my wits end.

I've been considering doing the unthinkable and getting him tipsy during that golden time of the month. All's fair in love right? I mean, it isn't as if we are a young unmarried couple and I'm trying to trap him. The cow has been bought after all. I am joking (kinda) and trying to add levity to a situation that I am not sure how to resolve. It is unclear to me if there is any amount of cajoling that I can do to change my husband's mind.

I know that my mother is chomping at the bit for another grandchild and I've written about my desire for another child on my personal blog. Does a community of woman with husbands resistant to having a second (or third) child exist? I could surely use some pointers. Perhaps therapy might help? I am not sure but as I quickly approach 40 my desire to have one more child becomes greater. My son is almost out of diapers and I am sure he will be completely potty-trained by 3. I think three years is the perfect span of time between siblings. I suppose that I wouldn't feel this sense of urgency if I were in my early twenties but honestly at that age having children was the furthest thing from my mind.

Maybe I can take the wait and see approach. Although, it does make me nervous because when we start trying to conceive who knows how long it will take? And this mommy is a little long in the tooth already. I suppose it also doesn't help that so many of my friends are pregnant. It seems every time I read a facebook update or a blog post someone is announcing a pregnancy or is about to give birth. I've never been one to try and keep up with the Joneses but in this instance I am feeling a bit envious.

I suppose the best solution is to keep talking about it with my husband. But without nagging. Nagging never works. Maybe I can cook dinner every night barefoot and take a photo with the caption "what's missing in this picture?" Joking of course, but all kidding aside, this mother of a toddler would like to add a newborn to the mix. I hope that my powers of persuasion work on my husband and next year at this time I will have a newborn in my arms.

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